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Jul 5th 13 4:58 pm
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vendor thoughts

by lordmage » Jul 5th 13 4:58 pm

i happened upon this vendor online

when i was reviewing some of there offering when i compared it to teavana and teavolve in my area i figured it might be worth a shot but, given that there are so many more experienced TDA's (tea drinking addicts) here i wanted your opinion on them. i am just starting to like matcha and was trying my best to find alternative vendors. teavana is my only local choice for it 19.95 for 40g . i wanted to start the way of gonfu-cha. did i get that right? without to much up front cost at the moment i have a small tin of the matcha and a electric frother but when i have more money i do what to get the bamboo tools and a chasen/bowl (correct?) or two? i think i might be addicted too.

Jul 5th 13 5:26 pm
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Re: vendor thoughts

by edkrueger » Jul 5th 13 5:26 pm