Jul 15th, '13, 20:02
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Chinese Green Tea Gift: How Do I Prepare It?

by beforewisdom » Jul 15th, '13, 20:02

I got some Chinese green tea as a gift from a friend in the mail.

I got "CangShan Mountain" green tea and "Southern Ginseng" ( I'm assuming green tea with ginseng mixed in ).

I know nothing about Chinese tea. Can you tell me anything about these teas?

I have a 1 cup Japanese green tea pot, a tea scale and a thermometer.

How can I prepare these teas?

Thanks much in advance for any informtion


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Jul 16th, '13, 12:10
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Re: Chinese Green Tea Gift: How Do I Prepare It?

by Evan Draper » Jul 16th, '13, 12:10

Cang Shan is a mountain in Yunnan province. There are limitless ways you can prepare these, but I don't recommend the ginseng stuff in your kyusu, as the ginseng flavor will transfer to the pot. I like an infuser mug like Adagio's for drinking miscellaneous stuff that's not fancy.

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