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Jan 20th, '08, 03:11
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Storage Container

by Jonathan » Jan 20th, '08, 03:11

I found these great food storage containers that are acrylic inside a bamboo container. I know that everyone says to stay away from plastic, but as these containers allow very little light, and have an airtight seal, I was wondering if they might be possible to store tea. Especially if the tea will only be stored in the container for a month at a time...check these out and let me know. ... 80&f=13692
I would love these in my tea shop.

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Jan 20th, '08, 08:07
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by Mary R » Jan 20th, '08, 08:07

Unless that window were UV coated, I'd say no. Even then, I wouldn't be too enthusiastic.

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Jan 20th, '08, 12:18
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by Wesli » Jan 20th, '08, 12:18

I agree with Mary. The seals on those things don't look good either. They also look to be too big for most types of tea, except for maybe twisted oolongs.

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