Green Tea for cooking

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Jul 13th, '13, 00:06
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Green Tea for cooking

by greenteaforyou » Jul 13th, '13, 00:06

I've heard about green tea being used for cooking. Has anyone had any success with this? Are there any recipe recommendations?

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Jul 14th, '13, 09:24
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Re: Green Tea for cooking

by Vega » Jul 14th, '13, 09:24

Here's one I make on occasion:

I double the amount of matcha in the cake. It's quite good -- not too sweet, and the cake flour makes it lightweight. It's good even without the icing.

Jul 31st, '13, 23:15
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Re: Green Tea for cooking

by varnex » Jul 31st, '13, 23:15

There's also the kind of cooking where you reuse tea leaves as a form of vegetable in your dishes. Gyokuro omelets anyone? :D

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Sep 26th, '13, 21:11
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Re: Green Tea for cooking

by matchagirlparis » Sep 26th, '13, 21:11


yes, i love cooking or making desserts with green tea (matcha tea powder). however, i use lower grade not for drinking like the cheaper kind food grade. i have made the japanese chiffon cake, it is like a cake with a hole in the middle... angel food cake mold? anyways, you can also put in green tea leaves but i prefer using powder. sometimes i top it with cream and sprinkle the powder.

Image ... majyu.html

i only use for dessert, i tried were various types of cake like matcha castella cakes etc and also nice to make matcha pudding! if you have a ice cream maker you can make matcha ice cream!

in japan they sprinkle matcha on top of rice and it exists matcha salt to sprinkle on food! :D

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