Chinese Green Freebies

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Aug 1st, '13, 19:37
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Chinese Green Freebies

by JD » Aug 1st, '13, 19:37

Bought some teaware from Yunnan Sourcing and they sent me a couple freebie Chinese green teas that I've never brewed/tasted before. Not sure how to prepare these.

2012 Spring Wu Liang Mountain "Bi Luo Chun" Certified Organic Yunnan Green Tea
2012 Spring Wu Liang Mountain "Mao Feng" Certified Organic Yunnan Green Tea

I notice both of these are currently on sale at about 1/3rd the normal cost. Most likely getting rid of last year's old stock.

I tried doing the Bi Luo Chun in my glass gaiwan at 5 grams leaf to 3.2 ounces water. Water at around 208F. Pre-heated everything. 1 quick rinse. 4 short 5 second infusions back to back into my new larger glass cha hai.

Upon tasting I notice this is sorta like Japanese shincha/sencha but not quite the same. I mean it has that veggie taste and it's sweet but this stuff is far more astringent. Perhaps I brewed it too hot. I also noticed I couldn't filter this stuff at all. My filter would just get clogged with the powder in these leaves. So I'm assuming you're not supposed to filter this one much like shincha/sencha.

I would very much appreciate any help on these. They sent me quite a bit of each of them for being freebies (like 20-30 grams each) so I have many tries before I decide if I want to buy more or not.

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Aug 1st, '13, 20:12
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Re: Chinese Green Freebies

by bambooforest » Aug 1st, '13, 20:12

Bi Luo Chun: 2.5 grams per 5 ounces at around 160 F for 2 minutes.

Wu Liang Mao Feng: 3 grams at around 180F for 1 minute 45 seconds.

that's about what I do, anyways. I'm not big on gong-fuing these teas though I'm sure it could work.

Subsequent steeps just steep longer and use as hot or hotter water.
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Aug 1st, '13, 20:25
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Re: Chinese Green Freebies

by Joel Byron » Aug 1st, '13, 20:25

YS recommends 185-195F with 10s,15s,20s,30s infusions. Ive never tried any Yunnan green teas. Let us know how they turn out.

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