Greeting from Illinois

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Aug 2nd, '13, 08:35
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Greeting from Illinois

by David MacDonald » Aug 2nd, '13, 08:35

A few months ago I happened to park my car in front of a buisness I had not noticed before, the Chinese Tea Emporium in Bloomington, Illinois. I wandered in and was greeted cordially and given a cup of tea that was like nothing I had ever imagined. I had drunk regular tea-bag tea for years, but when I tried real tea made the way it ought to be made, I knew I would never be satisfied with tea bag tea again. I brought a friend to try the new sort of tea, and I can say it has changed both of our lives.

What tea do I like best? I am still too new to real tea to have developed a real favorite. I am still experiencing so many new teas. I do have a deep love of good greens and the deep pu-erhs, but then there are still so many varieties and alternatives I have yet to appreciate, and I expect (and hope) my own taste with develop and grow more sophisticated.


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Aug 2nd, '13, 13:10
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Re: Greeting from Illinois

by Devoted135 » Aug 2nd, '13, 13:10

Welcome to the forums! You've certainly come to the right place. :) By the way, I went to IWU for undergrad! I wish that shop had existed when I was in town. :)

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Aug 4th, '13, 02:20
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Re: Greeting from Illinois

by Chip » Aug 4th, '13, 02:20

Hello and welcome to TeaChat, David McDonald. Hope you enjoy your TeaJourney here with us! :mrgreen:

Aug 4th, '13, 11:24
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Re: Greeting from Illinois

by brose » Aug 4th, '13, 11:24

I'd really suggest the yellow label cooked puerh cakes they have for a nice introduction to puerh. Hopefully the shop has picked up from the last time I went there right after it reopened a little over a year ago.
This is where I got started when the previous owners had a shop there.

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Aug 11th, '13, 05:18
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Re: Greeting from Illinois

by donaldosborne » Aug 11th, '13, 05:18

Welcome on TeaChat, make a difference here!

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