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Aug 8th, '13, 21:26
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Re: Organic & Fair Trade Tea

by gingkoseto » Aug 8th, '13, 21:26

wyardley wrote: And, for folks who are concerned about humane treatment of animals, there are some new standards (some better than others) which help to provide a little more transparency into the relative treatment of animals in various conditions. However, there's obviously still a long way to go here.
Yeah we sometimes buy "animal centered" chicken meat from whole foods. It's indeed much more tasty (and I'm sure healthier) than regular grocery chicken meat. But the term "animal centered" always makes us giggle :mrgreen: You know, I've seen colleges that are "student-centered" and hospitals that are "patient-centered" and it feels funny to relate all these xxx-centered terms together :lol:
But yeah "animal centered" chickens are way better than the others!

Aug 16th, '13, 04:12
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Re: Organic & Fair Trade Tea

by danny » Aug 16th, '13, 04:12

Hm, Josh, what you say can hardly be reproved. I mean I read here ( about facts and statistics on the tea market that only about 690 metric tons of tea (out of ca. 125,000 metric tons overall U.S. tea imports) are Fair Trade. So I thought this would be caused by bad working condition, but what you say makes me see this in a different way.

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