Starbucks to Buy Teavana

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Nov 7th, '13, 13:41
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Re: Starbucks to Buy Teavana

by Chip » Nov 7th, '13, 13:41

The phrase "tea snobbery" has come up numerous times on TeaChat, usually to humorously describe ourselves.

Funny, I never thought of the associates I have witnessed as "snobs" nor their tactics as snobbery. I just considered them cogs on the wheel of the tea seemingly unstoppable machine called Teavana ... somewhat victims (who may desperately need a job) as much as those they prey upon. Just a notch up on the food chain. 8)

Nov 7th, '13, 22:50
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Re: Starbucks to Buy Teavana

by ethan » Nov 7th, '13, 22:50

Chip, Thanks for bringing wisdom & compassion into threads. Compassion & humor do make it easier to bear a world that is puzzling.... Good to laugh at life & ponder.

One could get upset as Starbucks puts various, excellent coffees into huge, paper filters to have gallons of steaming water poured over it to be held in a giant metal rectangle w/ a spigot. This Starbucks "coffee" tastes like ashes fell into (to me & many); yet, ..... & those that don't like it go to Starbucks for syrups, etc. to be added to coffee that is prepared a cup at a time & costs much more (& are happy).

Likewise, the bkon machine (which costs $9000) might help Teavana sell "specialteas" for a high price & huge profit while Teavana traditionally-prepared tea takes the role of Starbucks regular coffee. "Awful preparations" will taste great to many people & others will spend a lot to get some real, "good" tea or coffee (specialties).

Most of us teachatters, I suppose, will do neither. From beautiful vessels we'll drink better beverages that we made at home at less cost. (& I admit, I & some others will still *BOO* about the times a particular tea, pot, or vendor disappoints)

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Nov 8th, '13, 18:33
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Re: Starbucks to Buy Teavana

by needaTEAcher » Nov 8th, '13, 18:33

I am picking up what y'all are putting down! I want to add, too, that we can be internal snobs, and it's ok, just don't be a d*ck about it. I mean, if someone drinks Liptons, and they enjoy it, I am happy! I want people drinking tea, and I hope that they will fall down the rabbit hole and learn from the leaves. But at the end of the day, I won't drink Liptons. It doesn't make me happy.

That said, I am pretty freakin' snobby about what I will and won't drink, and how it's prepared, but I don't put others down or use tea as a vehicle to be "better than" others. I really think that's the key here. Be wise, be knowledgeable, be snobby, but be open and kind.

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Nov 8th, '13, 19:38
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Re: Starbucks to Buy Teavana

by Chip » Nov 8th, '13, 19:38

... and drink what you like, like what you drink. :idea: And therefore respect the likes of others, while being willing to share what is in your cup with them. This usually includes the customary, "oh my gosh, must sit down" moment. 8)

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Nov 14th, '13, 14:50
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Re: Starbucks to Buy Teavana

by rabbit » Nov 14th, '13, 14:50

needaTEAcher wrote:...I want people drinking tea, and I hope that they will fall down the rabbit hole and learn from the leaves...
:shock: I hope not...

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Nov 14th, '13, 16:42
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Re: Starbucks to Buy Teavana

by IzzieBot » Nov 14th, '13, 16:42

rabbit wrote:Snobbery from a person who knows what they are talking about is rude and uncalled for although at times not altogether surprising... but snobbery from those who "think" they know what they are talking about is downright obnoxious.

And the whole "trendy" coffee and tea market breeds snobby know-it-all's. I want more people to drink tea, but I want them to enjoy the true beauty of the leaf and not the social status it gives them... or just enjoy tea for tea and not because it's healthy or will help you lose weight!

This is the MAIN reason why I don't like companies like Teavana. If they sold real tea/wares and not all this gimmicky stuff (even if it was way over-priced) I would embrace them.
Teavana was my gateway drug into exploring a better tea world. I won't give them my patronage again until I see evidence that they have changed and are treating their employees better, but I still use some of the wares I bought from them and I'm not going to ignore the fact that they opened my eyes to something that I once thought only came in bags.

Now I can appreciate a quick cuppa from Starbucks or a local, french-pressed on site café. I love the consistency and reliability they offer. If i'm on a business trip, I find comfort and familiarity at a Starbucks in an otherwise unfamiliar place.

I think this is a great opportunity for that to carry over into new fans. Especially if Starbucks is able to turn around Teavana's notorious sales tactics into an experience that people can enjoy. Then people with more experience can gently guide them to new ground, and the more fans, the better it is for everyone who loves tea.

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