Sencha Overture

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Nov 19th 13 6:14 pm
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Sencha Overture

by AlexZorach » Nov 19th 13 6:14 pm

I was disappointed with the sencha overture, especially for its price. I found it a bit harsh, even when carefully brewed with low (170F as recommended) water. I used shorter steepings than recommended, which made it a bit better, but it still was disappointing. The tea seemed quite pricey ($16 for 4 ounces) placing it up there with artisan teas from small operations. For example, I recently sampled a sencha from Obubu Tea, in the same price range, and thought it was pretty far ahead. I've also had sencha from Wegmans supermarket that I thought was way ahead.

Also to compare, Adagio's kukicha, which I think is a much better tea (at least to my tastes), is also considerably cheaper, $9 for 3 oz. So I don't think this is a problem of Adagio not being able to source good Japanese teas. I was pretty impressed with the kukicha--it was very enjoyable. I also enjoyed Adagio's genmaicha, and I've enjoyed a number of Chinese teas more too.

Just a thought...could Adagio perhaps do better sourcing this particular tea? I think the tea I drank would have been more fairly priced for its quality at around $5-8 for 4 ounces. In the $16 for 4 oz price range, I think you can do better.