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Nov 27th, '13, 15:08
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by Bostonbull » Nov 27th, '13, 15:08

What would you recommend for a new tea drinker to grab from this vendor?
I have friends in South China, and can get things pretty cheap. Is there maybe another vendor I should have them look at as well for me?

I like greens and blacks, prefer to just brew in a Gaiwan if I can. I am sure I would enjoy whites as well, I just find them too light in flavor and depth. I really enjoy a tea with some flavor and profile, not monotone in flavor.

Need a set of Gaiwan cups as well, or 1 Gaiwan and 1 mug..... Should I buy from Tmall or source here in the states?

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Nov 27th, '13, 22:51
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Re: Tmall

by Poohblah » Nov 27th, '13, 22:51

TMall is kind of like the of China. So it's not a vendor, but more of a marketplace.

I don't have much to say in terms of particular manufacturers, but Yongqian makes good tea tumblers.

My suspicion is that you're likely to get great selection and prices from TMall in exchange for a higher risk on the quality of the item delivered. This is in comparison to dedicated vendors who advertise/market to Western consumers.

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