Gongfu-ing Indian Teas

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Dec 12th, '13, 22:32
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Gongfu-ing Indian Teas

by saxon75 » Dec 12th, '13, 22:32

All the brewing instructions I have for my Assams and Darjeelings are typical European-style, low leaf-to-water ratio, long steeping time instructions. Does anyone have any experience brewing Indian teas with the more-leaf, short-steep style that's closer to gongfu?

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Dec 12th, '13, 23:32
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Re: Gongfu-ing Indian Teas

by Tead Off » Dec 12th, '13, 23:32

Use a smaller vessel, 60-90ml. Use 5/7g of tea. Quick infusions, in and out. Adjust leaf amount/steep time as you like it.

I've found most Indian teas better with western style brewing, but nothing wrong with gongfu style if you like strong flavors. Sometimes, subtlety goes a long way.

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Dec 12th, '13, 23:45
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Re: Gongfu-ing Indian Teas

by jayinhk » Dec 12th, '13, 23:45

I had some fresh, green Darjeeling that way. Not bad--reminded of a newer pu erh, but much less bitter and acidic. Technically I'm an Indian gongfu-ing Chinese teas (much of the time anyway). lol

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