Kenyan black tea

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Dec 29th, '13, 22:04
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Kenyan black tea

by ClarG » Dec 29th, '13, 22:04

Does anyone here enjoy Kenyan black tea? I've had it before but it was mixed into English breakfast and another breakfast tea. I like how it tastes malty. I've had those teas plain and did not put milk or sugar into them.

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Dec 29th, '13, 22:11
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Re: Kenyan black tea

by Chip » Dec 29th, '13, 22:11

They are for the most part low cost "blenders" ... and more often CTC. For many blends, they replaced more costly Ceylon and/or Assam.

I never had one that really impressed me. They usually seem to be somewhere between Assam and Ceylon in flavor profile.

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