Got sloppy with the humidifier

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Jan 16th, '14, 01:41
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Got sloppy with the humidifier

by Saayuq » Jan 16th, '14, 01:41

I had two cakes that looked to have somehow molded on the outside edge. I had them standing on end. The result was about 50 gram loss to mold. I must have spilled water inadvertently and they sipped it up. I took the moldy areas off the cakes and put on the counter to dry. I have two questions: 1) the paper wrappers are dry, is it safe to continue to store the good portion of the cakes in the original wrapper, or should I swap that out?
2) is there any way to save the moldy leaves? Thanks.

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Jan 16th, '14, 06:44
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Re: Got sloppy with the humidifier

by Drax » Jan 16th, '14, 06:44

1) Probably not.
2) Not really.

I would also consider doing quarantine on the cakes for a month or so to ensure you have contained the damage.

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