Jan 22nd, '14, 18:54
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How much caffeine is in Assam black tea?

by ClarG » Jan 22nd, '14, 18:54

Just wondering how much caffeine is usually in Assam Rembeng FTGFOP black tea? I had two cups both 8oz or a bit more, this morning made with boiling water at 3 mins each, and the tea was rather strong.

Oct 5th, '17, 17:24
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Re: How much caffeine is in Assam black tea?

by cfinneran » Oct 5th, '17, 17:24

This is just an estimate but Assam tea averages about 80 mg of caffeine per 8 fl oz cup. Seeping time also affects the amount of caffeine present. If that felt too strong for you, try seeping it next time for less than 3 minutes.

Hope this helps!

Oct 6th, '17, 11:35
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Re: How much caffeine is in Assam black tea?

by Yatra Tea Co » Oct 6th, '17, 11:35

A "tippy" tea tends to be more caffeinated. The "T" portion of the grade (FTGFOP) suggests the tea is tippy, probably with an abundance of golden buds. I shy away from commenting on caffeine content since that really depends on how much dry leaf you added, how long you steeped it for, etc.

Sounds like you had 16 oz+ of a tippy tea. By strong do you mean the taste, or the effects of caffeine? If the taste, you could add a dash of milk or cream. If the effects of caffeine, I'd reduce your consumption. Or use less leaf/steep for a shorter time.

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