Sugimoto Fukamushi

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Feb 8th, '14, 19:43
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Sugimoto Fukamushi

by Muadeeb » Feb 8th, '14, 19:43

I'm exploring some new vendors for green tea just for a change of pace from my usual Den's. I've got some Ippodo sencha and gyokuro on the way, but I'd like a fukamushi option too. Sugimoto USA has some positive reviews on here, but they have very little info on their website for differentiating their offerings: ... y_Code=SC9

My question is if the Sen Cha Loose Leaf is the same thing as the Enrich Series version? I think the only difference is the size and foil bag instead of tin, but it's hard to say from the website.

If they are different, which one's better? Are the asamushi and/or chumushi a good option?

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Feb 9th, '14, 22:36
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Re: Sugimoto Fukamushi

by MEversbergII » Feb 9th, '14, 22:36

Well that's a new one, to me. Thank you for the new lead!


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Feb 18th, '14, 12:31
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Re: Sugimoto Fukamushi

by Teacup1980 » Feb 18th, '14, 12:31

I've tried many of Sugimoto teas and loved them. I think ENRICH series and Bulk products have the same flavor. Only difference I could find was the package size.

I prefer Sugimoto's fukamushi, rather than chumushi. (I've never tried their organic asamushi.) Let us know which SA tea you like the best.

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