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Feb 12th, '14, 10:55
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Creating wares

by Fuut » Feb 12th, '14, 10:55

Hi, I hope this is the right place, i couldn't really find a forum dedication to the creation methods, tools etc.

Anyway, i was just browsing on the net and i came by some instructions to make your own portable/small kiln which would actually be possible for me to do. But then it hit me,

for one i don't know where to get clay, two; well even if i had all the required materials then what etc.

So my questions, who here has experience building kiln's and/of portable small firing methods (something for the laymen at home, without too much money to experiment with).

If anyone has some tips or good places to get materials and/or other things related, please share it with me (and others). Thank you for reading (if you got this far:). 8)

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Feb 12th, '14, 13:06
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Re: Creating wares

by Joel Byron » Feb 12th, '14, 13:06

It might be more economical in the long run to take a pottery class and learn about construction methods, clay types, firing temps, glazing, etc, before you spend money on things that may not be useful for what you want to achieve.

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Feb 12th, '14, 15:46
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Re: Creating wares

by Poseidon » Feb 12th, '14, 15:46

I agree with taking a pottery class first. I wanted to do the same thing as you but I found out that I am horrible at making things with my hands with clay. You may have to pay a fee to have your clay put in a kiln though.

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Feb 12th, '14, 16:52
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Re: Creating wares

by Fuut » Feb 12th, '14, 16:52

Hah yeah probably. But still i like to learn some along the way. Since there are probably numerous potters on here, perhaps one can share some stories.

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Feb 12th, '14, 16:55
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Re: Creating wares

by Chip » Feb 12th, '14, 16:55

Might be best to ask this in the "Ask the Artisan" topic located under TeawareArtisans. 8)

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Feb 12th, '14, 22:10
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Re: Creating wares

by AdamMY » Feb 12th, '14, 22:10

I have made some of my own *teaware* if I could call it that. While I am far from skilled in terms of making ceramics, I will say while you may be able to make a kiln at home do you have any idea how hot it can get reasonably? Most teaware especially stuff that is considered safe all around for prolonged use requires incredibly high temperatures, so hot in fact that most commercially sold kilns that are designated *safe* for home use do not even get anywhere close to that temperature, but are rather meant for jewelery or small trinket work. (Think terracotta flower pot, not yixing pot.)

Now you did not mention the types of wares you would want to make, but the clays you use, along with the glazes you apply all alter the firing temperature and the care, and technique you will use to fire the piece. Definitely take some ceramics classes to see how it works before you try, it is far harder than it looks on video's.

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Feb 13th, '14, 11:54
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Re: Creating wares

by JBaymore » Feb 13th, '14, 11:54


Drop down to the lower section of the forums and find the Teaware Artisans section. In there is a thread called "ask an artisan" or something like that. Great place to get info on ceramics. There are a lot of very skilled pros hanging out down there, and most of us seem pretty willing to "talk clay". (We're all addicts! :lol: )

Being a professor of ceramics at a college........ I'd also suggest that you try to find some classes in your local area to get you started. That will give you two things:

A. The knowledge as to whether you actually would like to pursue this idea further once you gotten "hands in clay".

B. Some understanding to the process so that you can evalauate kilns and firing processes, and end up with a plane for fiering that will work for you.

Teawares come in all manner of ceramic materials. Firing ranges run from about 1850 F for the raku ware process....... to pushing 2400 F for high fired stoneware and porcelains. Different kilns are designed for different uses.



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Feb 18th, '14, 08:33
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Re: Creating wares

by paul haigh » Feb 18th, '14, 08:33

Echoing the responses to take a class first here. While there are small designs that produce fantastic functional pieces, many of the small simple kiln designs are meant for some method that may produce wares that are stunning, but not suitable for function (possibly leaky, or even toxic results).

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