Thurs 1/31/08 Are you drinking tea alone today?

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Are you drinking tea alone today?

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I am drinking my tea alone
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Jan 31st, '08, 13:38
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by Katmandu » Jan 31st, '08, 13:38

..after a 5th steep of Den's guricha, I decided I needed a pick me up at lunch so I'm having the delicious Golden Monkey.....its ohh so good.

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Jan 31st, '08, 13:45
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by Chip » Jan 31st, '08, 13:45

I am having my fav sencha Takumi as my first tea of the day, but I am looking forward to trying an Uji kabusecha in a little bit.
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Jan 31st, '08, 13:51
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liu an

by bearsbearsbears » Jan 31st, '08, 13:51

more good cheap liu an. can't go wrong with this one. i hope it stays this cheap. i'm not giving away my source! :shock:

so lonely so lonely so lonely :wink:

Jan 31st, '08, 14:51
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by Buzz Fledderjohn » Jan 31st, '08, 14:51

Katmandu wrote:..after a 5th steep of Den's guricha, I decided I needed a pick me up at lunch so I'm having the delicious Golden Monkey.....its ohh so good.
I don't know how the hell you guys get 5 steeps out of Den's Guricha...and yes, I've tried Wes' brewing recommendations. By the time I get to the 3rd steep, it just tastes like water.

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Jan 31st, '08, 15:05
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by skywarrior » Jan 31st, '08, 15:05

Snowing today. Decided to work on another novel that needs attention. Sort of a restructuring. Chocolate tea. Will probably have some Golden Monkey this afternoon.

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Jan 31st, '08, 15:09
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by Chip » Jan 31st, '08, 15:09

Buzz, you will have to visit one of us so we can enlighten you!!! The 5th steep is simply a nice gentle sweet brew, all the other layers have been peeled away, and this is all that is left.

I am now trying my first attempt at a new tea I opened last night. It is a kabusecha limited edition blend direct from the farmer in Uji, this is too good, someone pinch me.

Anyway, the farmer/vendor pulled the page since he sold out. It is a very interesting blend, and I wanted to share the varietals that are in it. I emailed him ad I am sure he will get back to me promptly.

This is an interesting Japanese tea. It is shaded for a short period before harvesting, but much shorter than gyokyuro. I has a little of a gyokuro taste to it, and it is not a grassy sencha taste, but sencha is in there too. Technically, it is neither gyokuro nor sencha. I would say it is really desirable for someone who does not like the grassy intense flavor of sencha, but can't be bothered with making gyokuro.

More on this tea to come.

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Jan 31st, '08, 15:45
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by Ladytiger » Jan 31st, '08, 15:45

I started off today with my Russian Caravan iced tea and not I'm drinking some Orange Dulce from Mighty Leaf. I'm still waiting on my Green Tea Kit from Den's to arrive. I swear, before I visited this forum I only knew of two companies; Upton Tea Imports and Adagio. Hopefully later I'll have some more Russian Caravan, hot, and maybe some Foxtrot.

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Jan 31st, '08, 16:19
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by Photiou » Jan 31st, '08, 16:19

Todays list: Lapsang souchong for breakfast, Lapsang souchong at work, then Lipton Earl Grey (tea bag) at customers office. Now I think I will brew some gyokuro - probably Hibiki-ans kuradashi gyokuro.

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Jan 31st, '08, 16:48
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by CynTEAa » Jan 31st, '08, 16:48

Started once again with Yunnan Gold, but never got back for a second infusion. Alone as well, save for the company of my poochie and kitteh, oh and a fox that ran through the yard!:shock:
Now I'm thoroughly enjoying Gopaldhara "Wonder Tea." It's absolutely perfect.

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Jan 31st, '08, 18:04
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some kickasss tea

by ash37 » Jan 31st, '08, 18:04

i rocked some white tip earl gray, alone

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Jan 31st, '08, 18:18
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by Chip » Jan 31st, '08, 18:18

What are you thinking about Ash? Welcome to TeaChat. Hope you have many cups with us on the TeaDay forum.

I am contemplating my third tea...I have some dribs and drabs that I combined since I only had a few grams of each., might go that route. The blend is a base of Karigane gyokuro stems, Shupin sencha which is stunning asamushi (light steamed sencha) and an everyday matcha. I put it in a small tin and swished it all around, like magic, everything is matcha coated. This blend is stellar, and each steep is so different from the last.

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Jan 31st, '08, 18:36
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by henley » Jan 31st, '08, 18:36

Hectic day so I've yet to have my first cup of tea. After bathing kids & putting them to bed, I plan on enjoying a cup of H&S Hot Cinnamon Spice. It's been a cold, windy, rainy day so the tea seems fitting. Think hubby may join me.

Poll question needs a third option of varies. Sometimes hubby &/or daughter have tea w/me where other times it is my escape from the day.

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Jan 31st, '08, 19:10
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by Wesli » Jan 31st, '08, 19:10

Had some Guricha earlier. Took a bottle of powdered sencha to class. I still have to clean that thing out or else it starts smelling like fish.

Now I'm enjoying some Sencha Fuka-Midori from Den's. I brewed it perfect. Sweet, green, and the most enjoyable hint of astringency. 1.8 tsp / 180mL / 1:35 / 178°f. YUM. I really like how the leaves of this one are pretty full too.

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Jan 31st, '08, 19:39
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by Lama » Jan 31st, '08, 19:39

I started the day by grinding some Sencha from Adagio (wich I didnt realy like that much) into a powder (I felt like I was breaking some tea-law) and brought some to class like Fukamushi Dynasty. I just trew it in cold water, and started drinking it about a half hour later.
It didnt realy deliver every nuance of sencha, just a very pronounced grassynes (sp?). I think I dont realy like japanese tea cold, not when its that strong anyway.
I should bottle my third and fourth infusions of sencha and save them to drink iced, i'l try that tomorrow.

Right now i'm enjoying a very sweet cup of Adagio's White Monkey. Its much beter then I expected. Going for a second infusion now...

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Jan 31st, '08, 20:32
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Tea at Three on Thursdays

by daughteroftheKing » Jan 31st, '08, 20:32

A few months ago I managed to get 5 of the women with whom I work to gather for tea once a week. We meet in my office every Thursday afternoon at 3:00. It's half an hour of laughing and talking about anything but work.

I keep the teas pretty traditional (they're not quite as adventurous as most TeaChatters). Yesterday I got a brand new shipment of Adagio (yeah!), so today we had a blend of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. I've become known to my friends as the tea-obsessed woman!