Goddess of Fire?

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Feb 16th, '14, 18:03
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Goddess of Fire?

by hopeofdawn » Feb 16th, '14, 18:03

I just found a new Korean drama based around Korean ceramics, and the first famous female artisan, called 'Goddess of Fire'. I've just started it, so I'm not sure how much of the show is about ceramics and tea versus politics and romance, but it's an intriguing premise, especially about a historical figure I'd never heard of before.


Anyone else watch this? What did you think?

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Feb 21st, '14, 22:11
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Re: Goddess of Fire?

by chrl42 » Feb 21st, '14, 22:11

Never watched that.

But I am sure it's fun to watch, Korean drama/soap opera are well-consumed especially in Asia :D

Looking at actress and actors..looks like it's very typical line-ups..MBC is of major stations...but it'd be a typical drama with love stories, but not for the ones who think this as a pottery 101 :lol:

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