Karigane recommendations

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Feb 21st, '14, 20:52
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Karigane recommendations

by Ramsay » Feb 21st, '14, 20:52

What are your favorite kariganes, either sencha or gyokuro? I generally prefer the ones with a higher leaf to stem ratio. Thanks

Feb 21st, '14, 22:19
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Re: Karigane recommendations

by saxon75 » Feb 21st, '14, 22:19

I've only tried one so I don't have any basis for comparison, but last year's shincha karigane from Maiko was delicious.

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Feb 21st, '14, 23:50
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Re: Karigane recommendations

by Xell » Feb 21st, '14, 23:50

Karigane is kukicha from shaded tea only. Also shiraore is often used to name kukicha, though shiraore is used only for teas from Kyushu (not 100% sure) i.e. Kagoshima, Yame, Saga. Might help searching.

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Feb 22nd, '14, 00:02
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by Muadeeb » Feb 22nd, '14, 00:02

Den's is good.

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