Feb 21st, '14, 01:48
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Having an issue with Jing Tea Shop

by Poppy » Feb 21st, '14, 01:48

First of all I just want to say that I'm new to tea. I intend to post in the introductions forum as soon as I get this whole situation figured out. Also, I apologize if this is in a terribly inappropriate place.

I have been reading through these boards for a few weeks now in search of the best tea shops to assist me in my endeavors of learning all things tea. One of the places I see mentioned is Jing Tea Shop. I placed an order for 45 dollars on january 29th, got an email confirming payment and then nothing ever since. My account on their website says my order is still processing. I have emailed twice to make sure everything is ok and have not heard back. I'm getting worried. I'm here to see if there is anything to worry about??? Is this something that happens frequently? Is it possible that the order shipped and they just didn't update the system or send an email confirming the order dispatched?

Thanks so much for your time!

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Feb 21st, '14, 08:28
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Re: Having an issue with Jing Tea Shop

by Chip » Feb 21st, '14, 08:28

Which Jing? There is one in China and one in Europe somewhere ...

Feb 21st, '14, 13:14
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Re: Having an issue with Jing Tea Shop

by Poppy » Feb 21st, '14, 13:14

Just jingteashop.com. The one in china. I've actually ordered from jing tea in europe. No issues there and delightful tea. :) At least the one I got was good. But I'm new! What do I know! ;)

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Feb 21st, '14, 13:42
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Re: Having an issue with Jing Tea Shop

by wyardley » Feb 21st, '14, 13:42

Guessing maybe they're just traveling? They are sometimes a little slow with orders or correspondence, but never had them drop the ball entirely.

Feb 21st, '14, 13:49
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Re: Having an issue with Jing Tea Shop

by jschergen » Feb 21st, '14, 13:49

I ordered from them recently (late December). Everything went smoothly. Perhaps Chinese New Year slowed down the ordering.

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Feb 21st, '14, 14:47
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Having an issue with Jing Tea Shop

by debunix » Feb 21st, '14, 14:47

They've been very responsible with my orders--even contacted me when through an odd series of events, a shipment was almost returned to the from my post office.

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Feb 25th, '14, 11:13
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Re: Having an issue with Jing Tea Shop

by Fuut » Feb 25th, '14, 11:13

How long did you wait after contacting them? Industry in China stops and goes, and especially after their new year festivities, in large companies half the workers don't return after that. It maybe there are other issues..

Feb 27th, '14, 12:25
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Re: Having an issue with Jing Tea Shop

by Poppy » Feb 27th, '14, 12:25

I believe I waited about two weeks. Anyway, they finally wrote back a day after I posted this and then two days later my tea was here! Thank you guys for the feedback!

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Apr 20th, '14, 08:42
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Re: Having an issue with Jing Tea Shop

by Mureke » Apr 20th, '14, 08:42

I placed an order immediately once I saw the pre-ming tea on the site. The order was in the "processing" state for a week. After that I got a tracking number for Dutch mail. Then it was just a couple of days before the package arrived in Finland.

The Weng Jia Shan Long Jing is extremely good with a creamy, buttered-beans-like strong tea taste. The Shi Feng Long Jing is also a very high grade with a significantly more subtle (or even weaker) taste. The Mao Jian is of a different style altogether, but the fragrance I get after waking up the leaves is stronger and fresher than I've experienced for this type of tea before.

Thanks to Teachat for recommending this vendor. I wonder if any other vendor can compete with Jingteashop in green tea at this price point.

Apr 5th, '15, 23:41
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Re: Having an issue with Jing Tea Shop

by tthouse » Apr 5th, '15, 23:41

I have the same issue, have been emailing them for weeks asking about further information on their pots with no response. Agree whole heartedly about Artist Nippon, brother Toru is a delightful soul to deal with and extremely professional with extremely quick responses to emails and requests. Others in Japan are much slower and many i deal with in China are just as fast. There are a few comments on Jing Tea Shop's response time on this forum. I think it all depends on the owners, if there willing to expand when business picks up by adding more staff or if their website business is a priority to them.

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