Waiting on shincha?

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Feb 25th, '14, 17:18
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Waiting on shincha?

by saxon75 » Feb 25th, '14, 17:18

Shincha season is still a couple of months off, and I'm curious how you all approach your sencha purchases at this time of year. Do you hold off and just wait for shincha, or buy small amounts to tide you over? Work on using up your old tea? Switch to something else for a while?

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Feb 25th, '14, 21:55
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Re: Waiting on shincha?

by Chip » Feb 25th, '14, 21:55

I try to buy enough to hold me over to about May 1st. For sencha this is pretty easy since I know how much tea in grams per session and average number of sessions a day. I can nail it pretty close. I figure I need about ...

15 grams/day X 64 days = 960 grams :mrgreen:

960 grams til shincha, 960 grams ... fill the kyusu, pour in water ... 954 grams til shincha ...

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