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Feb 24th, '14, 15:21
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Out From The Shadows....briefly anyway.

by CWarren » Feb 24th, '14, 15:21

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Feb 24th, '14, 20:19
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Re: Out From The Shadows....briefly anyway.

by 茶藝-TeaArt08 » Feb 24th, '14, 20:19

Tea is very powerful for me, it can take me from any mood and from any place I may be at the time and just bring me to a happy place that I could very easily get lost in, (and usually do). There is just something special about it all from the selection process, (sight and smell), to the preparation, watching as it infuses, even the pouring seeing that beautiful color in your cup and then the aroma and finally the taste. I love how complex tea is as well. One day I could be on the fence about a particular tea and the next I'm loving every part of it. I rarely ever rule anything out because of that.
+1 Nicely said! Welcome! Please feel welcome to linger in the light more often and share more of your tea journey within the forum.


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Feb 24th, '14, 21:22
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Re: Out From The Shadows....briefly anyway.

by Chip » Feb 24th, '14, 21:22

Welcome CWarren to TeaChat!

I too, am looking forward to you sharing more of your TeaJourney with us.

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Feb 27th, '14, 09:10
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Out From The Shadows....briefly anyway.

by mcrdotcom » Feb 27th, '14, 09:10

Welcome! :)

I hope you share some more with us, especially with regard to the black teas you drink! :)

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