Travelling - Sencha/Tea Options

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Mar 25th, '14, 09:11
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Travelling - Sencha/Tea Options

by Noonie » Mar 25th, '14, 09:11

I'll be travelling for 5 days and forgot to plan how to enjoy my tea on the road (actually, in the hotel room). I've pretty much made up my mind (option a) but thought I would ask...

I have a few options:

a) I have some Dens green tea bags, and I can use the hot water provided at the compl breakfast. I like this idea for it's simplicity. So far it's my plan

b) to the other extreme - bring "the works": my variable temp kettle, kyusu, cup, loose tea, measuring spoon, and buy bottled water there. I could even bring a gaiwan and other tea. I'll be in the room mornings and some time in the evening. Not sure I want to haul all this stuff though (I am driving and have room), but it's the best way to enjoy tea. Cleaning is a bit of an issue?

c) I can go with option (a) and check out the unpromising place in town (you know the type, they have sencha, oolong, etc., but lots of their selections are flavored). Hey, it's a trip so no need to be snobby!

I would like to keep it simple...hence I'm leaning towards option a (Den's tea bags are already packed!).

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Mar 25th, '14, 12:58
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Re: Travelling - Sencha/Tea Options

by Chip » Mar 25th, '14, 12:58

Having a "travel set" complete with brew vessel(s), cups, and other items needed (mine includes a digital thermometer for Japanese teas) is handy.

I have these ready to roll in a Japanese wooden box called a Chabitsu (the upside-down lid by design doubles as a nice tray) ...

This may not be practical depending on your mode of transportation ...

I never travelled with a kettle before, but would not exclude the possibility.

Apr 6th, '14, 06:09
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Re: Travelling - Sencha/Tea Options

by Misou » Apr 6th, '14, 06:09

Last summer my boyfriend and I took a ten day road trip here in the US. We generally stay in upper middle class hotels, and in our expierience, in room coffee service is normal. We expected to be able to rely on this service as well as an abundance of coffee and tea shops on our trip. But to our surprise, coffee service was rare and very poor when available. And the boutique coffee/tea store we were used to were nearly non-existant.
Since then I have devided to never "make do". This is just too unreliable and frustrating.
A variable temp kettle might be ideal. However you could also use a travel kettle to save on weight and space. I use one now and could not be happier. It really does not take that long to cool water from boiling . Just pour it back and fourth a time or two.
My kit, with a houhin and cups, tea etc weighs at most 4 lbs. everything fits in a small box and, though not yet tested, could even fit in carry on luggage.

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