Tea identification…

Fully oxidized tea leaves for a robust cup.

Mar 31st, '14, 18:57
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Tea identification…

by jextxadore » Mar 31st, '14, 18:57

The labels on the box don't seem to be of any help.

I'd say the smell (and taste!) reminds me a bit of a jacuzzi, but more leafy. That is to say, a bit…chlorine-like, but not quite. Quite light in and not astringent.


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Mar 31st, '14, 19:02
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Re: Tea identification…

by debunix » Mar 31st, '14, 19:02

Can you show the brewed liquor (in a white cup) and some hydrated leaf after brewing?

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Mar 31st, '14, 19:24
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Re: Tea identification…

by CWarren » Mar 31st, '14, 19:24

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Mar 31st, '14, 19:43
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Re: Tea identification…

by qianli » Mar 31st, '14, 19:43

CWarren wrote:Far from an expert but looks a lot like a fujian black from the dry leaf alone anyway.

Jin jun mei perhaps.

Yes, the characters on the package sais "Jin jun mei".

Mar 31st, '14, 19:48
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Re: Tea identification…

by Misou » Mar 31st, '14, 19:48

Jin Jun Mei should not smell like chlorine. The odor might actually come from the packaging. You might try putting the tea in a clean tin. A day or two closed shoulpd concentrate the tea aroma.

Mar 31st, '14, 20:48
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Re: Tea identification…

by jextxadore » Mar 31st, '14, 20:48

Thanks guys.

It doesn't actually smell like chlorine, it just has a sweetness that reminds me of a warm jacuzzi. Actually quite nice. These're individual foil packets kept in a tin box.

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