Hello all, nice to meet you

Please introduce yourself here to our membership

Apr 2nd, '14, 18:15
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Hello all, nice to meet you

by SireSteepsAlot » Apr 2nd, '14, 18:15

How is everyone? I'd like to introduce myself as Sire to everyone in this community. I hope everyone is well, anywho I am a 20 year old community college student who has just recently dived into the world that is Tea. I'd love to make some new friends that share my affinity for tea, fellow tea connoisseurs if you will.

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Apr 2nd, '14, 22:37
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Re: Hello all, nice to meet you

by Chip » Apr 2nd, '14, 22:37

Hello Sire, welcome to TeaChat!
Hope you enjoy your Journey with Tea.
We are looking forward to helping you along the path if needed.
Bottoms Up! :mrgreen:

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Apr 3rd, '14, 18:06
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Hello all, nice to meet you

by mcrdotcom » Apr 3rd, '14, 18:06

Welcome Sire!

Plenty of like minded people and plenty of tea, you came to the right place :D

Edit: iPhone autocorrect ruining my life! And spelling XD

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