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Apr 15th, '14, 23:14
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Hannah - Wanted! (to borrow!) A copy of this book

by Hannah » Apr 15th, '14, 23:14

Hello friends!! :)

I was wondering if anyone here owns a copy of: "The Stonewares of Yixing: From the Ming Period to the Present Day" (ISBN: 9622091121)

If so, I would love to pay you for the opportunity to borrow it for a little while (no longer than 3 months hopefully, I'm a slow reader due to my terrible habit of subvocalizing everything I read :( )

I have tried many libraries where I live and I simply cannot find it.. To buy online would be over $1000AUD which is money I do not have.

If anyone is willing, I am happy to obviously pay you for your trouble on top of shipping costs, and would also be happy to ship you something of value to me as a guarantee of sorts that you can hold on to until you have the book back safely!

It may seem like a bit of effort for one book, but I would be so happy if I had the chance to read it! :mrgreen:

Thank you all!!