Talk to me about Sencha

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Apr 16th, '14, 22:31
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Talk to me about Sencha

by Misou » Apr 16th, '14, 22:31

I am a complete Sencha noob. I ordered Den's sampler as a firstsweee of Sencha. There is a lot to like in that little bag.
A very good intro for someone who has not tried sencha before.
But now I want more. More sencha :D

In addition to the sampler I also purchased the sakura sencha. I was not overly fond of the sencha zuiko. I liked the fuka midori well enough but I think there could be other senchas that are a bit better?
The sencha zuiko was too light and seemed almost bland compared to the fuka midori.

Since I am brand new to sencha I am not sure I can describe the flavors I liked very well. But the fuka midori seemed to have more body and depth. Even a "brothy" flavor I really liked. Is this what is called uname?

There was almost an oceanic taste to it.

The zuiko was more "sweet" in the sense that it lacked edge but neither was particularly sweet as in sugar flavor.

I liked the bit of edge and brothiness of the less expensive tea but it also seemed a bit more like wilted kale.

I would lime to order more sencha but I would like something that capitalizes on the brothy rich flavor but less veggines. Does a sencha like that exist? Any suggestions?