Imperial Pearl Oolong review

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Apr 19th, '14, 19:17
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Imperial Pearl Oolong review

by toasterburn » Apr 19th, '14, 19:17

I have been drinking loose leaf for right at 6 months now, and in that time I've tried exactly 24 different teas (mostly from Adagio) and many have been delicious. Some (like Yunnan Jig and Foxtrot) I will probably always keep stocked in my tea cabinet.

But I decided to branch out and try some new vendors, starting with Mountain Tea. And without a doubt, their "Imperial Pearl Oolong" just made the best cup of tea I've ever had. The flavor was much more complex then I'm used to; earthy but very sweet, no bitterness, almost chocolaty, almost cinnamony. Felt like I was drinking a desert. I don't even understand what "Brandy Oolong" is? Anyone care to fill me in?

Other Notes:
  • I've used one tea bag so far, and it had a hole in it where the seam wasn't fully sealed, so I had to open the bag and pour the leaves into a steeper. Probably just an isolated thing, but I won't know until I try brewing the rest of the bags.

    There was a mix up with shipping (I used an old address by mistake), they added some extra tea to my order for the trouble even though it was completely my fault. Seems like a very friendly company; always nice to see good customer service these days.