Thai [iced] tea?

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Feb 9th, '14, 00:33
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Re: Thai [iced] tea?

by ClarG » Feb 9th, '14, 00:33

I just use this. ... a-thai-tea

I do not use the recommended amount which is 1.5 tablespoons of their tea or tea powder in 1/3rd cup of hot water. Instead I use 1-1.5 teaspoons of tea/tea powder and put it in to 8oz of hot water which I add half and half, or milk to, and put over ice.

I bought it at a department store on sale, and an entire tin has lasted me for more than a year.

Apr 21st, '14, 01:12
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Re: Thai [iced] tea?

by ethan » Apr 21st, '14, 01:12

There is a somewhat superior Thai tea; perhaps along w/ better preparation (less sugar etc.) it would please more of us.
It is spiced. Added to the tea: Star anise, cardoman, vanilla, & cinnamon.

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