Travel mug

Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

Sep 14th, '05, 10:10

Travel mug

by Caletara » Sep 14th, '05, 10:10

I have been looking all over for a good tea mug that i can bring to work and class and throw in my bag or purse without worrying about it, but all the travel mugs ive come accross are so ugly! I love Adagio's teaware and would definatly buy a tea mug if they made one!

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Sep 14th, '05, 21:33
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by PeteVu » Sep 14th, '05, 21:33

I got an awesome thermos from a professor as a gift. it has no brand labeled on it so unfortunately i cant tell u where to get one but its so awesome! Its tall and cylindrical and holds about 3 cups of tea. Its VERY well insulated and the students i sit next to in class often compliment the smell from the steam that billows out when i open it up. The coolest part though, is that after you take the cup/lid off, the tea still isnt exposed to the air. It has a black button on top u push that opens up the top valve and allows you to pour out tea and then promptly close it with a push of the same button. I always had the problem before that when i took out my cup the tea would quickly cool, but this thermos doesnt have that problem! its so great!

Sep 15th, '05, 11:15
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by jzero » Sep 15th, '05, 11:15

I've got one of these.
The instructions seem to indicate that you can't drink out of it with the infusing basket in, but I do it routinely - no problems. Unlike most of the french press travel cups I've had, the hole from which you sip has a "grid" in it which prevents escaped leaves from getting in your mouth.

Only $10, and it has a handy loop on it so that you can carry it with a shoulder strap or clip it to your bag.

Sep 17th, '05, 14:08


by dyane1160 » Sep 17th, '05, 14:08

check out the "teazer" at

It goes every where with me

Sep 24th, '05, 17:33
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by DavidH » Sep 24th, '05, 17:33

I've got the stainless steel version of the OXO travel mug. It has silicone seals with a push button to close the opening. It is truly spill proof when it's closed. Bed Bath & Beyond has them.

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Nov 15th, '09, 21:55
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Re: Travel mug

by ericnicolaas » Nov 15th, '09, 21:55

OK, so I'm a little late to the party on this forum thread (!), but thought I'd mention a round-up post I did comparing a bunch of the travel mugs out there for tea drinkers.

Tea Travel Mugs: A Buyer's Overview of the Options

Hope no one minds the little plug. I'd been researching the mugs and realized there's quite a few options out there, so hopefully the post will help others find what they're after. Personally, I like Teas Etc's travel mug the best.


Nov 17th, '09, 06:15
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Re: Travel mug

by KellyJ » Nov 17th, '09, 06:15

I'd like it if Adagio had a branded mug too.
You think they'd jump at the opportunity for free advertising.
Right now I've been using cheap <$10 plastic mugs, though the boiling water has warped the inside of both of them (you get what you pay for?). Although I like stainless steel, it does seem to add an odd taste to lighter teas. I think given the choice I'd choose a BPA-free plastic, over glass or other materials since I tend to be a bit of a klutz.
The built in strainer/steeper is of little use to me since I either brew at home or use adagio's "fill it yourself" teabags.
I think if I took loose leaf tea to work in a small bag or tin, they'd not believe me when I told them what it was, and very likely send me for drug testing.

Nov 17th, '09, 11:37
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Re: Travel mug

by theteascoop » Nov 17th, '09, 11:37

I have a Starbucks thermos that I love. It keeps the tea hot for hours, holds two cups, and is completely leak-proof as far as I can tell.

Dec 29th, '09, 22:31
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Re: Travel mug

by Symmetry » Dec 29th, '09, 22:31

I have a Thermos E5 16 oz. travel mug - it keeps my tea at whatever temperature I want it, for longer than I could need it to. It is a bit pricy for a travel mug, but I definitely consider it worth it.

Come to think of it, I haven't had any lighter-tasting teas in it, so I'm not sure if it imparts a flavor. More research forthcoming!

Feb 27th, '10, 11:39
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Re: Travel mug

by lailag » Feb 27th, '10, 11:39

Hello. I got a great stainless steel travel mug from tea mugs dot com. I got the silver dragon model. It is durable, is comfortable to carry and does not leak :D . I hope this helps.
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