Make-your-own herbal?

Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

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Feb 2nd, '08, 08:52
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Make-your-own herbal?

by FoxMackenzie » Feb 2nd, '08, 08:52

'Allo Adagians!

I've picked up from this topic that everyone seems pretty sold on a larger herbal offering. I've seen a lot of unusual suggestions (at least to my unrefined palate!) as far as blends go. However, there seems to be a decided fondness among the suggestors that to me, indicates they would most likely buy it, rather then it being a bit of a lark suggestion.

So I'm thinking, Adagio already seems to be doing pretty darn well with the self-made blends - why not pick up some herbs and expand the notion a little? A partnership with Mountain Rose Herbs might go a long way! Imagine being able to add a dash of lavender (as both daughteroftheking and joco and probably others have suggested) to your favorite tea, or to brew up your very own earthy and full bodied licorice concotion (many have called for licorice here!).

I'm not much of a programmer, but I work with some, and I don't -think- it would be a massive undertaking to associate certain percentages of an herb based on the volume/size they're being added to. For example:

I am making an herbal blend. I decide that I want to add licorice. I have the usual drop-down menu (as we're all familiar with from the current blend-making page). There I have the percentages (10% - 100%), but beside them are the prices (10% = $1.50, something like that), these prices would change based on whether I had a 4oz, 10oz, or a 16oz bag selected. Also, having a sample option, naturally, would be excellent.

That would be the easiest option, but crossovers..the ability to add lavender (either directly or tacking on a sample to your order) to your earl grey bravo, for instance, would also be pretty nifty.

Just an idea :wink:


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Feb 2nd, '08, 10:50
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by Ladytiger » Feb 2nd, '08, 10:50

I have to agree with getting more herbals! I'm unable to get any herbals besides what you offer until the summer when I grow my own and go to the local Renissance Faire.

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Feb 2nd, '08, 17:06
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by tenuki » Feb 2nd, '08, 17:06

I sometimes grow my own for just what you are talking about. Fresh always works, but getting them harvested at the right time and dried to perfection for storage is a bit of an effort though. Still, it's relatively easy and can be done in flowerpots if you live in an apartment.

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Feb 2nd, '08, 19:30
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by hop_goblin » Feb 2nd, '08, 19:30

I don't trust myself! lol Celestial Seasonings started out a group of hippies blending their own herbs they picked from the top of the rockies.

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Feb 2nd, '08, 23:53
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by ilya » Feb 2nd, '08, 23:53


We have a number of ideas on how to expand the custom blends area. However, before we start thinking about implementing version 2, we want to see how successful the initial concept will be. Our fear is that people will be quick to create blends, but not purchase them. Assuming everything goes well, we will be retooling in section a few weeks.


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Feb 3rd, '08, 09:57
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by FoxMackenzie » Feb 3rd, '08, 09:57

Thanks for the update, Ilya :) It's always nice to see a company actively reading suggestions!

I'm super-excited that three people bought my blend, haha!

Have you considered having a dying-off period (for lack of a better term) for blends? I.e. if no one buys them in 60 days, they get cleared off? I figure if you restart the 60 days with each sale, it'd be a pretty fair way to open up the custom blending without inundating the list capacity.

(sez the girl who sold


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