May 4th, '14, 20:49
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Reccomend a loose leaf tea for Tazo China Green Tips lover

by matthematical » May 4th, '14, 20:49

I used to use standard tea bags which were composed mainly with fannings and dust. I discovered "China Green Tips" at Starbucks and loved it! So I started trying a bunch of loose leaf teas at my local supermarket (which sells about 70 loose leaf teas in bulk). I have yet to find a tea I like better than that cup of China Green Tips I had. Can someone direct me to a loose leaf tea that is similar (but perhaps even better quality). I have tried so far

uni Kabuse - $110/lb (selling tea by the pound can sometimes look scary)
gyokuro - $200/lb - I think I want something a bit more body
Jasmine Green $27/lb
tomo sencha - $17/lb
yuzu secha - $30/lb
gunpowder - $22/lb - this doesn't quite do it for me, tastes almost oolongy
kukicha - $50/lb - I really like the initial flavor on this one, but I don't like the secondary flavor/aftertaste
Houjicha - $50/lb - this is growing on me but its a bit too roasty

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May 6th, '14, 07:31
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Reccomend a loose leaf tea for Tazo China Green Tips lover

by blairswhitaker » May 6th, '14, 07:31

If your gyokuro doesn't have enough body you may want to adjust your brewing parameters. I would suggest giving it about 2.5 grams per fluid ounce. so for making 4 ounces of tea you would want 10 grams. If that does not have enough body for you it may be time to switch to koicha.

If these teas are sitting in customer accessible bins it is probably stale as hell.
So it may be wise to consider sealed tea packages.

Since you liked the tea called "China green tips" I would suggest you go for a Chinese green tea, here are some and their English names
an Ji bai hao- yellow mountain hair point, long jing - dragon well,
ghu zhu zi sun- purple bamboo shoot,
Chun mei- precious eyebrows,
bi lo Chun- green spring snail,
lu Shan yun wu- Lu Shan clouds and mist.

May 6th, '14, 12:57
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Re: Reccomend a loose leaf tea for Tazo China Green Tips lover

by Noonie » May 6th, '14, 12:57

Why don't you look at the recommended vendors (in this green tea sub-forum) for both Japanese and Chinese teas. Find some that sell a package of small quantities of a variety of tea...try them to determine what you like. I started with Japanese tea by getting a sampler from Den's tea for (I think) $5. I think you'll find that these vendors carry very fresh tea.

Best of luck.

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