Sep 20th, '13, 08:47
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Great New Tea Shop In Nashville TN

by Spacelooper » Sep 20th, '13, 08:47

Hello TeaChat,

I am new to the forum and look forward to getting to know the group. I live in Nashville TN and have pretty much had a hard time finding decent Tea shops here. The places that I have found didn't really WOW me. Usually lots of so-so flavored teas, but not much in the way of good solid tea. I like tea and drink tea, but have never been obsessive about my tea, but like anything I do, if I do it... I want to do it with the best possible tools, products, foods etc that I can. I think one of the reasons that I have not really gotten super serious about tea is that I haven't had a decent outlet here in Nashville and it can be an overwhelming endeavor to tackle online.You just have to try a bunch of tea, and that usually means spending money on teas that you won't like.

I recently stumbled across a new local shop here in town while I was online searching for a Gong Fu set.A website popped up called "Music City Tea"..."Music City", I said...that's us!. Sure enough, it was located here in Nashville. I was eager to check it out. The owner, Jenny, is from Wuyishan in Fujian Province in China. She had a tea shop in China and her family has been involved in all aspects of growing and manufacturing tea for generations. They specialize in Oolong black tea, which is actually one of my favorites that I picked up.

When we entered the store we were greeted by Jenny and summoned over to the table for some tea tasting. She had several Gaiwans and Yixing pots on the table and proceeded to let us check out, pick out and sample many different teas, while also recommending some based on the things were liking. Over the course of our tasting (9-10 teas) we also learned about her home village and their involvement in tea and tea production. My wife and I both enjoyed ourselves greatly and came home with a Gaiwan set, a Yixing pot, a PIAO I push button brew pot, Jenny's Black Oolong tea, Dong Ting Oolong, Genmaicha, Jasmine Dragon Pearls, Osmanthus Dragon Pearls, and Three Treasure Oolong.... all of which were wonderful. The Dong Ting Oolong is definitely a fave of mine.... I tend to say I am drawn to Oolongs and that is the tea that Jenny drinks most as it is the tea that her village and family deal with most.
If you live in or visit Nashville please check out this wonderful tea spot. It is really Nashville's only shop for the serious tea drinker. She has only been open a couple of months and I really wish to see her succeed. I have been stopping in as often as I can.


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Sep 20th, '13, 10:05
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Re: Great New Tea Shop In Nashville TN

by debunix » Sep 20th, '13, 10:05

Sounds like a tea-treasure worth supporting. Lucky for you to have found it!

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May 25th, '14, 11:03
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Re: Great New Tea Shop In Nashville TN

by Dresden » May 25th, '14, 11:03

I know this is kind of an old thread but I just had to comment. I am fairly new to the Nashville area and I found this place searching the net last week and decided to visit it yesterday.

The above review is spot on. Jenny is wonderful and makes you feel very welcome. All of her tastings are done gongfu style and we tasted so many teas that she had to refill her kettles. My son who is 10 came with me and had a great time (especially when she showed him the pee boy). When we were leaving he was already asking when we can go back.

It goes without saying that my wallet left quite a bit lighter and I left nearly tea drunk. I will definately be going back.


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May 25th, '14, 12:45
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Re: Great New Tea Shop In Nashville TN

by teaformeplease » May 25th, '14, 12:45

Funnily enough I recently ordered a travel gaiwan set on Amazon and the seller was Music City Teas. Jenny was unbelievably sweet and professional. She was so happy when I told her it will be going with me to World Tea Expo later this week :)

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May 27th, '14, 08:42
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Re: Great New Tea Shop In Nashville TN

by Poseidon » May 27th, '14, 08:42

Residing in the state above TN, I plan to make my way to Music city soon and this place is certianly going to be a stop!

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