Feb 4th, '08, 06:35
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How can I introduce an African tea abroad?

by Lamin Ceesay » Feb 4th, '08, 06:35

HI All,

How can I find a partner in US or UK to trade indigenous African tea!! In my country, we have high quality indigenous tea that our great grand parents used and are of high medicinal purpose. The teas comes in colors and the scent is great. These plants are in abundance during the rainy season and mid dry season. It can be cultivated for supply control.

I want to find a way to introduce the tea types abroad!!! If you have any advice how I can establish this business will be nice. If you are interested to for sample leaf or package of the tea, I don't mind to send it to you where ever you are in US or UK. Establishing this company will provide job opportunity for youths, women and children who live less than a dollar per day. For the proprietor and the partner, it can yield a huge return.

Do you know of any tea specialist or institutes that will be willing to test the tea types for certification or other stuff?

I will appreciate you advice!!

Bye for now