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Jun 26th, '14, 12:30
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Re: Study Finds: Fasting Can Regenerate Entire Immune System

by jayinhk » Jun 26th, '14, 12:30

Majorly OT, but many American crops are only sustainable due to hefty government subsidies and the blind eye turned to illegal immigration and employers who hire illegal workers so farms can keep exploiting Central Americans and keep prices low. Cotton is the most heavily subsidized crop of all, I believe.

ethan your 'no second chances' rule is a VERY good one and one I absolutely employ pretty much anywhere. When I'm dining with other people and they send food back, I grimace. Having worked in kitchens, I know what can happen back there, even when they AREN'T trying to mess with you :shock:

I'm currently in India and eating almost entirely vegetarian meals, 3x a day, with lots of yogurt for extra protein since I've been lifting heavy stuff for exercise (NOT weights!). I've noticed my recovery time has gone down considerably and I feel much better. I also find my digestive tract is working much more efficiently. I am totally going to eat less meat when I get home.

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