Reseasoning Yixing Teapot

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Jun 27th, '14, 00:44
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Reseasoning Yixing Teapot

by AllanK » Jun 27th, '14, 00:44

I have a Yixing that has been dedicated to Shu since I bought it new. Today I brewed a tea bought from Dragon Tea House and listed as ripe in it. The tea was Sheng despite it being black in color.

I only steeped two rinses and one infusion in it. Have I done damage to the pot? Should I attempt to reseason it by boiling it in ripe puerh water again?

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Jun 27th, '14, 01:08
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Re: Reseasoning Yixing Teapot

by Tead Off » Jun 27th, '14, 01:08

Don't worry about it. You didn't poison it.

Jun 27th, '14, 01:18
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Re: Reseasoning Yixing Teapot

by BW85 » Jun 27th, '14, 01:18

It should be fine. You may not even be able to taste the sheng in the pot. If you can, since it was only the few infusions one good shou session would probably cover it back up.

I use sheng in my shou pot from time to time. I also know a lot of people have a relatively broad spectrum of teas they'll use in the same pot. If these leaves taste good with this pot, they'll use it, despite what they may usually brew in the pot. From my experience you'll always predominantly taste the tea you're brewing. Any seasoning in the pot will just be background.

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Jun 27th, '14, 01:35
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Re: Reseasoning Yixing Teapot

by kyarazen » Jun 27th, '14, 01:35

should be no issues at all.

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Jun 27th, '14, 03:55
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Re: Reseasoning Yixing Teapot

by MarshalN » Jun 27th, '14, 03:55

Even if you brew 10 shengs in a row in it it won't matter.

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