Steeping tea over two days...

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Jul 5th, '14, 21:01
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Steeping tea over two days...

by Noonie » Jul 5th, '14, 21:01

If I steep tea a couple of times at night, how do I keep the leaves for the next day (for a third or forth steeping)? I can leave them in the gaiwan (lid on?), or is there another method? What can I expect from the third steeping the next day, compared to if I had it right after the first two steeps the day before?

FYI - it's some commercial grade Dan Cong.

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Jul 5th, '14, 21:07
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Re: Steeping tea over two days...

by William » Jul 5th, '14, 21:07


I think you will find some helpful informations here ~ ... =overnight


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