Tues 2/05/08 How many teas do you have open?

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How many teas do you have open (and active...not including those dregs that just won't go away)?

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More than 50
Total votes: 39

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Feb 5th, '08, 20:15
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by Chip » Feb 5th, '08, 20:15

Thanx Scruff!!!

3rd Japanese tea of the day...MATCHA. Matcha truly is amazing, mesmerizing even. I can truly see how Space had 5? cups of this yesterday.

This one is just an everyday offering that is a bit lighter than I am used to. I usually use this for mixing with other Japanese greens like kukicha, lower grade sencha, but I also use it for cooking which is a lot of fun. Turns food like rice really green and tastes great. Everything I try matcha in I like.

Anyway...a little mellower than most matcha I have had, but great to have around.

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Feb 5th, '08, 22:59
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by augie » Feb 5th, '08, 22:59

Many happy returns to the birthday people! :D I am also happy tonight. My oldest kid just won a $400 music camp scholarship in a band solo competition. I shouldn't get too excited until I see how far $400 goes.
Celebrating with some Sencha from O-cha in my new found tea cup.

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Feb 6th, '08, 00:47
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by scruffmcgruff » Feb 6th, '08, 00:47

Music camp scholarship? Psh. Blow it all on teawares! :D

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Feb 6th, '08, 01:39
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by Space Samurai » Feb 6th, '08, 01:39

Slow day for me, just a little shou pu.

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Feb 6th, '08, 02:07
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by Wesli » Feb 6th, '08, 02:07

Drank some good Adagio snowbud tonight. The caffeine powered me through the rest of my math. Ordered some silver needle and am really looking forward to it.

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Feb 6th, '08, 02:31
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by Chip » Feb 6th, '08, 02:31

Finished the day with my 4th Japanese tea of the day, my special blend of Karigane gyokuro, Sencha, and Matcha.

This is such a nice blend ans so approachable...yet I love how different each component is, but harmonizes so nicely. It is like Crosby, Stills, and Nash, you can hear and appreciate each voice, but they come together incredibly well.

This is post number 50 for this TeaDay thread, and I enjoyed reading each and every one of everybody's post. This has to be a first in TeaChat history.

I thought the poll was also fun today.

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Feb 6th, '08, 02:54
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by skywarrior » Feb 6th, '08, 02:54

Thanks all!!! :D