Flavour help

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

Sep 26th, '05, 10:16
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Re: Flavour help

by jzero » Sep 26th, '05, 10:16

Suzanne wrote: I clicked the two places on their website where customers give opinions. Most were satisfied. The ones that were dissatisfied all followed a pattern. They were mistakes made by Adagio of some sort (wrong tea, tea sent to wrong address, poor customer service, no response, etc.) but that the company would not rectify. Does anyone else find this peculiar?
No, this is a common phenomenon resulting from human nature. People usually say nothing when they are satisified and scream as loud as they can when they are not. You will almost always find a disproportionate number of negative opinions when it comes to rating products or services.

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Sep 26th, '05, 19:31
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by PeteVu » Sep 26th, '05, 19:31

i scream loudly all the time every time always. this time its adagio for teh win. ^^ ::Thumbs up::

::Edit:: mike b will have a party with this post

Sep 27th, '05, 00:05
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Flavour help

by Suzanne » Sep 27th, '05, 00:05

For the person who asked, I am referring to the reviews found in an internet search. That’s how I found the Adagio site. The company had gotten a passable review although some of their teas did not. Do a search if you have any interest in what’s happening in the greater tea world. Independent tea drinkers did these tea reviews. They are not afraid to name the best and worst of tea companies and their teas. I only reported what I had read.

Reading previous posts by others, it is evident many are taken in by the free samples, rewards, etc. and fail to see all of this objectively. It seems Adagio throws treats and gets customers to buy and buy. Many are happy with this arrangement. So be it.

Do you hear the silence of the list administrators? They know the tea reviews of which I speak. They would rather that you all not know. These reviewers are still out there drinking and posting.

Not one person in the list recommended the name of an Adagio tea in response to my post.

This list is not the place to get an honest recommendation. That was all I wanted. Many companies often have both good and less than good products. There may be a good tea, perhaps an excellent one, but I can’t find out and now no longer want to know.

Marlene why are you so rude? What is your reward? Learn how to spell. You’ll make yourself more credulous.


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Sep 27th, '05, 01:33
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by PeteVu » Sep 27th, '05, 01:33

they dont post on here because its obvious youre set with your opinion. The "list administrators" have other responsibilities to deal with that are more important than a ranting teenager who wants to be an e-bully. picking on marlene? for shame. on top of all of that, the "list administrators" cant call you an ass... that would be bad for pr. sometimes i think thats why im here.

youre an ass.

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Sep 27th, '05, 08:16
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by Mike B » Sep 27th, '05, 08:16

suzanne wrote:Learn how to spell. You’ll make yourself more credulous.
This word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

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Sep 27th, '05, 09:38
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by klemptor » Sep 27th, '05, 09:38


These are serious questions: what would make you happy? What's the purpose of flaming a company with which you have not done business? In the Oolong "Flavour Help" thread, you mention reviews you've read online. Would you care to cite your reference with a couple of links? I can't speak to your interpretation of any review(s) you've read unless I can see the source material myself.

It bears mention that the poor response you've received from the members of this board may have something to do with the way you came off in your original post:
Since my palate knows excellence, I don’t want to experiment with poor teas...Of course, de gustibus non est disputandum.
I'm sure you can see that this comes off as very superior and snobbish and is frankly very offputting. Also, if you've spent any time browsing Adagio's website, you'd notice that they offer sample tins of every tea they sell. I think neither your wallet nor your palate would be incredibly traumatized by trying a sample size.

So many of the members of TeaChat are friendly, witty, helpful individuals. I'm sorry that your initial post got so many of our hackles up - speaking for myself, I'd have had a much calmer initial reaction to your questions if they'd not been phrased in such an offputting manner.

In response to your questions regarding the quality of Adagio's greens and oolongs, I've never been disappointed. The teas they offer are always very fresh and, even if I'm not a fan of a certain type of tea, the quality of what they offer is clearly evident. (Case in point: I'm not the greatest fan of green teas but I've enjoyed every green tea of Adagio's that I've tried.)

My personal recommendations are:

Jasmine #12
Oolong #40
Wuyi Oolong

Kukicha Baton

That doesn't mean the others are sub-par; it simply means that I can't recall offhand any other greens from Adagio that I've tried.

So take this for what it's worth. I'm not trying to get on your case; I'm merely trying to explain why some may be annoyed with you.

I will crosspost this as a reply to your post in the "Feedback" forum.

Sep 27th, '05, 10:04
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by jzero » Sep 27th, '05, 10:04

Mike B wrote:
suzanne wrote:Learn how to spell. You’ll make yourself more credulous.
This word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

suzanne - Purgamentum init, exit purgamentum.

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Sep 27th, '05, 10:15
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Tea reviews

by ilya » Sep 27th, '05, 10:15


I think you are correct that the tea reviews do speak for themselves. I'm not sure there are a lot of companies that allow all reviews to be posted in real time. Nor would many message boards humour your statements like we do. As you plainly see, Adagio does both.

To clarify our original position, we think there are some customers who are incapable of being satisfied and ultimately wind up costing the company time and money. With that understanding, i'd like to personally recommend to you Harney and Sons. I think you'll be very happy shopping with them. And if I know Mike Harney, I'm sure he'll be more than happy to make any and all substitutions in your shopping cart himself :)

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Sep 27th, '05, 10:32
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by chris » Sep 27th, '05, 10:32

Sorry for my abominable silence, Suzanne --

Actually, it wasn't as you assumed (that I'm somehow embarassed by some silly subjective internet reviews), but rather for a much simpler reason: good ol' Verizon DSL's been down at my house. After several attempts to contact them to remedy the situation, I'm ready to move on to a more dependable ISP.

You see, I usually respond to messages (as the Site Admin) on this bulletin board at home on my free time, simply because I'm that passionate about the company and the product. I implore you to give our teas a try before bashing us because of something you read (surely we're more wise and mature than that!). Or, if not, simply move on. And please, take Ilya's advice, try Harney.

Much, much love,

Adagio Maestro

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Sep 27th, '05, 12:44
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by Marlene » Sep 27th, '05, 12:44

Suzanne, grow up.

Sep 27th, '05, 17:37

by Guest » Sep 27th, '05, 17:37

I read your post Suzane. And in my humble opinion I personally think that to aggresively be critical of a vendor--when you haven't even sampled their teas puts you in an undesireable light.

And in the event you didn't fancy Adagios teas after *trying them*, the easiest solution is to give your business to someone else. Nohting at all to get hung up about!

Personally, I look at the success of Adagio. They are obviously doing something right!

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Sep 27th, '05, 17:39
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by bambooforest » Sep 27th, '05, 17:39

By the way... The above post is mine. I forgot to sign in!

Oct 4th, '05, 13:03
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by sibaer » Oct 4th, '05, 13:03

Got my rooibos.. and honestly don't know if I should be brewing it the same as i do with a normal green tea.In any case it tastes great the way it is. Great, but maybe not for me. A bit too different.

As for the oolong I ordered, it has also come, you can check it here:
I am amazed at what this stuff tastes like. Really flowery. I didn't expect that from an oolong tea. I also got some chrysanthemum and another mini thing filled with Anji white tea that they dumped in for free. Though I have yet to try either of them. Can anyone tell me if there is a certain way i should be brewing this? are all oolongs the same when it comes to making it?
So... I feel like all my next purchases will be oolongs for quite some time, since I am simply amazed at what this tea can taste like. Definitely not your everyday jasmine tea.


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