Making Oolong tea video

Owes its flavors to oxidation levels between green & black tea.

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Feb 1st, '08, 14:50
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Making Oolong tea video

by skywarrior » Feb 1st, '08, 14:50 ... -easy-way/

I know this fellow through podcasting.

Thoughts? Comments?

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Feb 9th, '08, 15:48
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by olivierco » Feb 9th, '08, 15:48

I don't like to use plastic for brewing tea (I studied polymer science).

Quality Oolong can taste really good brewed as any black tea.

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Feb 9th, '08, 20:05
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by Wesli » Feb 9th, '08, 20:05

olivierco wrote:I don't like to use plastic for brewing tea (I studied polymer science).
Learned person on my side!!!

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Feb 10th, '08, 21:39
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by augie » Feb 10th, '08, 21:39

I enjoyed the video, at the end I realized I was smiling while listening. He's a regular person, like me, who makes tea. Although, I am no longer in love with my plastic infuser. However, he did say it was the fastest way for him to make tea -- not for everyone. He, personally, doesn't care for the length of the traditional way and enjoys tea made in his plastic infuser. I am also very envious of that hot water thingie in the background! Nice. Love the ducky coffee mug he is sipping his tea from.

There are many on this forum who would die before sipping Oolong from a duck mug. However, everyone does things differently. Cool to see a serious tea drinker who goes about the process his own way. Thanks for posting.

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Feb 10th, '08, 23:35
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by tenuki » Feb 10th, '08, 23:35

My anal retentive evil twin was screaming obcenetities the whole video, but I just shut him in the closet and enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. :)

taiwanese high mountain tea, yum!

Feb 29th, '08, 12:46
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nice video

by 1tealady » Feb 29th, '08, 12:46



Thanks for posting the video demo'ing making oolong tea. I learned a lot.

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