Yea, Monday, celebrate TeaDay, 2/11/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

So, yesterday's results made me wonder, how old are you anyway?

Under 20
20 to 29
30 to 39
40 to 49
50 to 59
60 to 69
70 or over
No votes
Total votes: 56

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Feb 11th, '08, 03:09
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Yea, Monday, celebrate TeaDay, 2/11/08

by Chip » Feb 11th, '08, 03:09

It is Monday already...ok, only one thing to get excited is TeaDay. I cannot think of anything better to do than to visit TeaChat, come to TeaDay and share your cup with everyone here.

Of course, come see what everyone else is chugging to get through Monday!!!

Newbies, oldies, come one, come all to TeaDay, all day. Post as often as you want.

Today's TeaPoll will shock one and all. Yesterday's TeaPoll results blew me away. Almost 80% of voters have been serious about TEA for less than 4 years, and only one, our Skywarrior was over 10 years, she was over 20...

This made me think, how old are TeaChatters anyway??? Henley suggested this several days ago, and the timing is perfect. Thanx Henley.

So answer the poll...and instead of discussing our ages (unless you want to), Henley also wanted to ask, what are you, a TeaMan or a TeaWoman. So, tell us your gender if you please.

And since we are on the subject of demographics, why not take it a step further, please feel free to share your ANCESTRY, your family or ancestral descent; lineage.

Do not feel obligated to discuss anything but your TEAS of the day, but it will be interesting to learn a little something about everyone. I know I really enjoyed yesterday's responses!
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Feb 11th, '08, 03:41
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by olivierco » Feb 11th, '08, 03:41

After having Yunnan golden tips for breakfast, I had Yame gyokuro (from Tamayura) and I am now drinking a cup of jasmine pearls.

38 years old. About 25 years drinking tea, 7-8 years seriously (sometimes too seriously)
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Feb 11th, '08, 04:40
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by omegapd » Feb 11th, '08, 04:40

32 yoa

Just finished some Green Peach bagged stuff that really isn't too bad for a "work" tea...


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Feb 11th, '08, 08:25
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by vbguy772 » Feb 11th, '08, 08:25

I'm way old - 60 and male to be more precise. I found Adagio a few years ago and have been enjoying tea ever since. Before then I drank tea made from Red Rose tea bags.

I have lived in Vero Beach, Florida for the past 5 years since my retirement from teaching in upstate New York.

After trying almost a hundred different kinds of tea I have decided that I'm mostly a black tea drinker. I wouldn't want to start any day without Adagio's Irish Breakfast. Since I live in a hot climate the rest of my day I drink iced tea. It's usually made from Adagio's flavored blacks (blueberry, grapefruit, or peach.) My after dinner hot tea is usually Golden Monkey.

Happy sipping......


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Feb 11th, '08, 09:06
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by Sam. » Feb 11th, '08, 09:06

I'm 20. I'm drinking a first steep of some Adagio grapefruit oolong now and I'll be taking the second steep to class.

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Feb 11th, '08, 09:17
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by Warden Andy » Feb 11th, '08, 09:17

Ummm... 19. Becoming a tea drinker at such a young age ftw.

I'm currently brewing some lu zhen from YSLLC in a glass. Actually didn't come out too bad this time.

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Feb 11th, '08, 09:25
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by henley » Feb 11th, '08, 09:25

It's a sad day in my tea world. My tea kettle bit the dust. :cry: Had to boil water in a pot on the stove this morning. And I must have mismeasured my water because the tea seems very weak. My vanilla mint is usually full bodied & satisfying. Oh well, at least it's a cuppa tea.

And to answer the question, I'm a 37 yr old MWF. Have a great day, everyone!

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Feb 11th, '08, 09:35
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by jogrebe » Feb 11th, '08, 09:35

I'm 28 year guy and of Swiss descent and I've been drinking tea regularly for around 10 years. I started my freshman year of college when I started mainly because boxes of teabags and bags of sugar were both cheaper and easier to carry back than soda when the closes grocery store was a 25 minute walk away. I have since moved onto better teas and left the sugar behind.

At the moment my cup is filled with 2005 Tongqing ripe puerh.

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Feb 11th, '08, 09:44
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by Mary R » Feb 11th, '08, 09:44

A twenty-four year old lady here...of Slovak, Rusyn, Austrian, German, and Welsh heritage. (So I'm pretty much a mutt. But hey, at least I get all the benefits of piroghi, bratwurst, and rarebit!)

I've been drinking tea for at least 20 of my 24 years, but I've only gotten very 'into' it in the past year. In today's cup is some recuperative genmaicha. I can't get enough of the stuff lately.

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Feb 11th, '08, 09:50
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by cloudyday » Feb 11th, '08, 09:50

I'm an aged 26 Teaman that's been drinking tea maybe only, say 2-3 years now.
As far as my lineage goes, I don't have detailed information beyond the direct information I've found on my surname (Burke) and mother's maiden name (Strohm), which I've found to be of Irish and German descent, respectively. And my mother's mother's maiden name, Smith, which is obviously English. Beyond that, I don't know much.

Starting the day woth Makaibari 2nd flush today. Nothing unsual 8)

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Feb 11th, '08, 09:56
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by LavenderPekoe » Feb 11th, '08, 09:56

32 (very very close to 33) year old female here. For my heritage, I am mostly a casserole, but the big chunks are Irish and Scottish, I guess. Some smaller bits of Native American, too and most of the rest is unknown.

I my cup this morning? Nothing, I just finished it. I had a cup of Lychee from the Tao of Tea. I am about to go make another, but I am not sure of what.

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Feb 11th, '08, 09:58
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by scruffmcgruff » Feb 11th, '08, 09:58

Pretty similar to LavenderPekoe actually-- about half Irish, a quarter Scottish, and another quarter mutt with a teeny bit of Native American thrown in there somewhere. Oh, and 21/male.

As for the tea today, I had an infusion of that aged baozhong left over from last night. It had been sitting there for a while, but whatever. :)

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Feb 11th, '08, 10:41
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by daughteroftheKing » Feb 11th, '08, 10:41

Started the morning with Blossoms of Spring, a green blend. Now I'm steeping some chocolate with vanilla. Monday morning needs a strong caffeine jump.

I knew most of you were really young, but oh my. Well, starting your tea discoveries so early can only be a good thing. I'm 51, from western European descent. And while I've been a mountain woman for about half that time, I still consider myself a Central Illinois farm gal.
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Feb 11th, '08, 10:51
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by daughteroftheKing » Feb 11th, '08, 10:51

Ok, I just read from the other day that some of you want to see my kyuusu. Well, someday when I get into the 21st century and buy a digital camera... :roll:

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Feb 11th, '08, 10:54
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by fencerdenoctum » Feb 11th, '08, 10:54

23 (almost 24) here. My family is Scot/irish with quite a bit of English (no wonder I'm a black tea drinker).

Today is a no tea day. This is an alarming trend.

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,