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Feb 12th, '08, 12:55
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Yerba: Celestial Seasoning's Morning Thunder

by omegapd » Feb 12th, '08, 12:55

Yeah, yeah, I know...the majority of us on here hate Celestial Seasonings, and I'll admit to not liking much of anything that they make also...

But, I had been curious about Mate for awhile now and saw this blend at my local store so thought I'd give it a try for kicks. You know what? I really like it.

It's a mix of Mate and "black tea". It says to steep it for 7 minutes, but the tea (whatever it is) does not get bitter at all. The Mate has a somewhat creamy/coffee type flavor and I've taken to using one packet and some of my favorite China Black teas and making my own concoctions.

I just ordered some real Yerba Mate on-line to try my hand at blending and trying it straight. I was somewhat surprised at how inexpensive Yerba Mate is. Hopefully they'll be here soon. I ordered:

Rosamonte Special Selection : Yerba Mate from Argentina with stems. Strong Yerba Mate with a deep smoky flavor. Elaborated under strictly quality norms with guaranteed satisfaction.

and CBSe Orange: A 100% natural orange flavored Yerba Mate. Elaborated and stationed naturally by CBSe S.A. Product of Argentina.

I decided to pass on the traditional gourd/bombilla set and will try it in a regular tea pot. Can anyone tell me how many tea spoons would be the norm in making it per cup?

Thanks. I'll report back when I get everything in...


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May 16th, '09, 18:46
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by JM » May 16th, '09, 18:46

I finally found some and will try it soon, thanks.

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