Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

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Oct 1st, '05, 23:26
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by klemptor » Oct 1st, '05, 23:26

Chris, Ilya:

How about adding a TeaChef forum to TeaChat? I think it would be cool to bounce ideas off of other TeaChefs or to share our experiences about what does or doesn't work.

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Oct 2nd, '05, 02:12
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by himthatwas » Oct 2nd, '05, 02:12

I second the motion. Or perhaps a comments section for reviews on the recipes.

Any chance of seeing how many votes were cast and where?

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Oct 2nd, '05, 13:09
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by Marlene » Oct 2nd, '05, 13:09

Do we have to re-request every month?

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Oct 2nd, '05, 19:13
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by klemptor » Oct 2nd, '05, 19:13

Yeah, I wanted to congratulate the tofu person too :) The recipe sounded divine!

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Nov 11th, '05, 23:23
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by claratea » Nov 11th, '05, 23:23

I'm so happy that people liked my tofu recipe! Thanks!! You can actually marinate tofu in basically any kind of tea, season it with salt and crispy-fry it, and it tastes great. I tried it recently with some chai I was trying to get rid of (alas, so hard to find good chai...), and it was super yummy.

Last month I made fish broiled with jasmine-infused butter, but was out of town and missed the deadline for submitting the recipe (oops). It's really easy, though, and you should try it!

Yay for cooking with tea!


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Nov 24th, '05, 15:12
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by jogrebe » Nov 24th, '05, 15:12

LadyArden wrote:From someone who can burn anything, (even boiled water)

Ok, how did you manage to burn water?

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