Wednesday 2/13/06 is TeaDay, of course!

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

On average, how many minutes a day do you spend on TeaChat?

Less than 30
240 or more
Total votes: 45

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Feb 13th, '08, 03:17
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Wednesday 2/13/06 is TeaDay, of course!

by Chip » Feb 13th, '08, 03:17

Wow...TeaDay is really hopping. I am really having fun hearing what everyone else is drinking throughout the day, but also really enjoying the discussions as well.

Again, welcome to TeaDay, come share your cup with everyone across the globe, literally. We have posters from Europe, Asia, North America...a few more continents to go.

So tell us what you are sipping throughout the day, stop by often, see what everyone is is sipping. Feel free to post often. If you must reflect back on the day and post, please do. There are always tea drinkers tuned in here.

Newbies and Oldies and everyone in between, all are invited.

Today's TeaDay TeaPoll was submitted by Newbee2tea. Thanx Newbie!!!

So, today's poll is an angle I had not thought of. How long are you on TeaChat, on average, each day. Please share here as well. Also, why do you come to TeaChat. This could be interesting!!! And have your reasons changed over time???

Have a great TeaDay everyone!

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Feb 13th, '08, 03:48
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by olivierco » Feb 13th, '08, 03:48

Since I am new to teachat, I spent lately many time to read old posts.
I guess on a more regular basis I will spend 25 min a day.

This morning, I drank Keemun Mao Feng (Palais des thés) and Gyokuro (Tamayura).

I am waiting for the postman to bring me my O-cha Kaoru supreme matcha. But even if the parcel arrives today, I won't be able to open the matcha until tomorrow because it's freezing out there and I will have to let the tea rest from its cold trip.

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Feb 13th, '08, 07:04
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by TexasTea » Feb 13th, '08, 07:04

Nilgiri Tiger Hill warms my cup this morning, something I picked up from my local tea vendor - my initial order from Adagio was delayed a day but should be delivered today. I'm sure I'll be sampling something new tomorrow!

I also am new to TeaChat, and so spending more time online reading older posts. I'll probably be in the under 30 minutes category eventually, but estimated 30-59 for now.

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Feb 13th, '08, 08:40
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by omegapd » Feb 13th, '08, 08:40

Like others here, I'm also pretty new to TeaChat, so spend close to an hour reading the old posts in the various catagories. When I'm at work, and it's slow on the midnight shift, this is where I hang out most of the night.

Started the day off with a blend of Yerba Mate and my own Black tea. Waiting on an order for some different Mate's to try this week. Looking forward to it. It's really growing on me...


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Feb 13th, '08, 09:15
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by CynTEAa » Feb 13th, '08, 09:15

It's a pretty gross day here, weather-wise. The first cup of the day was the intrepid Yunnan Gold. Goes well with snow, ice, rain & fog! :) Thinking Darjeeling for my next cup, with its promise of spring...

I like to keep TeaChat open when I'm working, but don't always do so. Would say I average a few hours everyday.

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Feb 13th, '08, 09:24
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by Victoria » Feb 13th, '08, 09:24

What brought me here was my love of tea, and wanting to talk to about it with people who understand. I like to keep TeaChat open during the day and check in now and then to see what everyone is drinking.

Starting my day with a surprisingly good Bai Ji Guan oolong.

Have a nice day all!

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Feb 13th, '08, 10:15
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by henley » Feb 13th, '08, 10:15

Started the day off w/a new combo as I'm trying to deplete my stash so I can order more. Combined hot cinnamon spice w/orange & cranberry teas. It has promise & will probably make again.

Probably spend less than 30 min a day but try to check in throughout the day just to see what's going on & who's drinking what. I think it's interesting how we all say "I drink tea" but it means so many different things. We're about as diverse as tea itself.

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Feb 13th, '08, 10:43
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by LavenderPekoe » Feb 13th, '08, 10:43

I voted 30 - 59, but it really depends. Today I will probably be logged in most of the day since I am at home and no one is watching my internet usage. :) But, I read almost everything via RSS so I don't usually spend *that* much time on the site itself.

Oh, and as for the tea of the morning. Adagio Cinnamon. It's better than I remember...Hmm...

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Feb 13th, '08, 11:32
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by jogrebe » Feb 13th, '08, 11:32

I voted less than 30 minutes a day as my long term average, but now I'm sure its starting to creep up again now that I'm starting to use TeaChat again after a long period of staying away.

At the moment my cup contains yixing pot brewed ripe puerh as my first tea of the day.

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Feb 13th, '08, 11:43
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by Wesli » Feb 13th, '08, 11:43

TeaChat is pretty much open all day for me. I'm pretty good at multitasking, so I'll read/write/study and check the TeaChat all the while.

Waking up with some golden monkey this A.M.

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Feb 13th, '08, 11:58
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by tenuki » Feb 13th, '08, 11:58

Dong Ding from teaspring. This tea is growing on me, perfect breakfast tea for a seattle winter morning. toasty with just a hint of sweetness. complex enough to get you interested but not distracting. long mouth feel. really decent tea. 40 seconds at 208, full gaiwan when leaves are expanded keeps the brew delicate but strong.
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Feb 13th, '08, 12:04
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by scruffmcgruff » Feb 13th, '08, 12:04

Fukamushi Dynasty wrote:TeaChat is pretty much open all day for me. I'm pretty good at multitasking, so I'll read/write/study and check the TeaChat all the while.

Haven't had any tea yet, I'll get around to it later.

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Feb 13th, '08, 12:08
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by RussianSoul » Feb 13th, '08, 12:08

I started with Assam TGBOP Boisahabi estate.

I have TeaChat open all day - I am new, there's lots to read, so I peak in often when I break off from work.

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Feb 13th, '08, 12:21
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by skywarrior » Feb 13th, '08, 12:21

Started with Valentines tea. Need more tea. :shock:

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Feb 13th, '08, 12:43
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by LavenderPekoe » Feb 13th, '08, 12:43

I have now moved on to Stash's Pomegranate. I went to make a second cup of tea this morning and thought "hey, it's my birthday, I'll make my favorite tea!" but it was just an empty tin. I guess I had taken it all to work and I left it there yesterday not knowing I was going to be home today. :( Oh well.