Wednesday 2/13/06 is TeaDay, of course!

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

On average, how many minutes a day do you spend on TeaChat?

Less than 30
240 or more
Total votes: 45

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Feb 13th, '08, 13:05
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by CynTEAa » Feb 13th, '08, 13:05

Happy Birthday LavenderPekoe! Hehe, it's my birthday, too!

Now I'm having almond oolong with a touch of coconut. :)

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Feb 13th, '08, 13:10
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by Mary R » Feb 13th, '08, 13:10

Happy birthday, ladies! Here's to having a nice one!

In the cup: herbal stuff with honey. I seem to have come down with a cold.

As far as the amount of time I spend on TeaChat: far too much. :)

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Feb 13th, '08, 13:31
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by Victoria » Feb 13th, '08, 13:31

Wow two birthdays!! TEA PARTY!!!
Happy birthday LavenderPekoe and CynTEAa!

On my second steep at work of the Bai Ji Guan. It's very good. I still like the boldness of the first steep.

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Feb 13th, '08, 14:02
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by henley » Feb 13th, '08, 14:02

:D Happy Birthday! :D Hope it's a great day.

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Feb 13th, '08, 14:06
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by TimeforTea » Feb 13th, '08, 14:06

HappTEA birthday, LavenderPekoe and CynTEAa! This cup's for you! :D

I spend way too much time on tea chat, and embarrassed to admit it's probably along the lines of 3 hours a day! That being said, I am a newbie (obviously), so my excuse is that I have a lot to learn!

Today I enjoyed 2 cups of green apricot. The first one turned out a little weak, but the second infusion was much more enjoyable. I did notice it stained my tea cup, though.

It's another cold and rainy day today, so I expect to be enjoying more tea throughout the day.

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Feb 13th, '08, 14:10
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by Wesli » Feb 13th, '08, 14:10

Happy birthdays, ladies! :D

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Feb 13th, '08, 14:11
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by RussianSoul » Feb 13th, '08, 14:11

TEA PARTY indeed!

Happy birthday LavenderPekoe and CynTEAa!

And I got presents too, even though it's not my birthday!

My first order from Adagio arrived! OMG! OMG!!! They threw in extras! An extra sample tin of Darjeeling #22 and a whole box of Golden Yunnan tea bags! The tins are super cute, the teas smell amazing. English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast are whole leaf, not BOP, as I am used to.

Guess what I am drinking right now? A Golden Yunnan tea bag! It is delicious with a couple sugar crystals.

If I wore a hat, it would be off to Adagio. Wait, I have a hat... Gotta go find it... :D

Feb 13th, '08, 14:12
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by Pentox » Feb 13th, '08, 14:12

Happy Birthday! Sadly today is also a tealess day so far, although I get to go home a brew up some some tonight.

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Feb 13th, '08, 14:47
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by olivierco » Feb 13th, '08, 14:47

After a Dong Ding this late afternoon, I will end my teaday with Jasmine pearls.

Tomorrow will be my first matcha day since my o-cha order arrived this morning.

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Feb 13th, '08, 15:05
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by daughteroftheKing » Feb 13th, '08, 15:05

Some days I don't get here at all, or maybe just long enough to quickly do the new poll and scan through this thread's posts before submitting my own response.
But if I have time in the evening, I can spend a good bit of time reading all the new posts or finding something older that I'd missed. And generally it's back and forth between Adagio's main site and some other tea sites while I'm still keeping up here.

Drinking Ooooh Darjeeling most of today (seems to be my trend lately), but started out the morning with some Lu An Gua Pian (from Enjoying Tea) that I'd tucked in the bottom of my tea drawer but had forgotten about.

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Feb 13th, '08, 15:17
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by LavenderPekoe » Feb 13th, '08, 15:17

Happy birthday to you CynTEAa!

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Feb 13th, '08, 15:39
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by Chip » Feb 13th, '08, 15:39

Happy birthday, ladies...any presents???

I am fighting a bug for the 2nd day, I think my body is winning. So, starting my TeaDay a little late. Drinking sencha, I know, I drink sencha everyday. But everytime I have sencha it is different. Even if it is the same one. So, I am having Yutaka Midori, one of my favs.

TeaChat. Less than 30 No, I try to have it open whenever I can. I try to read every post. And lately there have been a lot of posts!!!

Why do I come here, I am an isolated and rather passionate tea drinker. Even the few people I know who might swig a cup...well, they don't get it. People here definately get it. So, my first reason is the people.

I also like to talk about tea, obviously. There is so much to talk about here.When I first found tea forums, TeaChat seemed to be the BEST. I quickly became loyal to her. I belong to other forums, and am active in 2 currently. TeaChat though is THE hub of TeasActivity. Adagio has gone out of its way to create a very open tea discussion forum. They deserve kudos from everyone. This is a great forum.

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Feb 13th, '08, 15:59
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by osadczuk » Feb 13th, '08, 15:59

Let's see, lots? Usually late at night while I'm fighting small children to make them go to sleep.

As for tea today - I started with Henley's(?) Cinnamon spice that a friend bought over. It was on one of those pyramid tea bags (which I have not used before) and was actually pretty good (if you like strong cinnamon teas, which I do.)

And the tea bag and it's contents were cool to look at!


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Feb 13th, '08, 16:05
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by tenuki » Feb 13th, '08, 16:05

Now drinking a fantastic Baozhong from Floating Leaves Tea. this tea had gone stale so I just refreshed it in my rice cooker with great results. (first time with that, yippee)


Second Place Baozhong - won 2nd place in the semi-anual contest in the famous Pinglin wenshan growing region.

As a side note the first place this season is not as good to my taste, I prefer this one. I'm so lucky to have access to this tea, every harvest season I can go into Floating Leaves and sample the three top baozhongs from that contest, plus they usually have a 'farmers choice' that is more traditional (and totally my favorite every time except this season)

rolling boil (fiji) - 3/4 dry leaves in gaiwan - flash rinse - 10, 15, 25, 30 ...

pure heaven.

On 5th brew, this tea is still going strong. What fantastic aroma, mouth feel and crazy long aftertaste/feel. nothing like a good wenshan baozhong!

[edit #2]
omg, 8th brewing and still special. I so wish I could share this with all of you...

[edit #3] 12th+ brew, starting to fade, but still deeeelicious. only reason I'm stopping here is a package from Hou De just arrived.... ;)
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Feb 13th, '08, 16:20
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by Ladytiger » Feb 13th, '08, 16:20

My first cup of the day was Ginseng Green tea, I had a two hour delay for school so I got time to sit down and drink it. Then, before I left, I made some iced Fruit Melody, I'm still trying to get the amount and time thing together. I just put the teapot on for more tea..then the dog starts braking to go to bathroom. Yesterday I ended up oversteeping my Foxtrot because of it.
What will I have next? I think a black tea is in order. Valentines tea? I think so.