Valentine's TeaDay, Thursday 2/14/08

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You MUST be drinking a tea to answer this poll, what TEA are you drinking RIGHT NOW?

Flavored Tea
Yerba Maté
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Feb 14th, '08, 03:09
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Valentine's TeaDay, Thursday 2/14/08

by Chip » Feb 14th, '08, 03:09

Happy Valentines TeaDay...

Welcome everyone to this edition of TeaDay. Please share what is in your cup today and throughout the TeaDay. It has been exciting hearing what everyone is sipping, drinking, gulping....however you enjoy your cup. Visit all day and see what everyone else is sipping as well.

Today's TeaPoll is pretty straight forward...what are you drinking RIGHT NOW. Kind of what TeaDay is all about, right. So, of course, give more detail about what you are drinking here as well.

In addition to discussing what is in your cup, something that is pretty relevent this time of the year, WINTER. I think I am on the mend after feeling under the weather for a couple days...I swear TEA helped me to fend whatever it was off. It could not really seem to take a foot hold.

So, my question for everyone. What say you, does tea help prevent illness for you in your personal experience??? Share your personal experience on this subject here. A timely discussion!!!

It has been a rough couple TeaDays for me as a result. Hopefully today, I will get at least 3 teas in.

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Feb 14th, '08, 04:24
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by olivierco » Feb 14th, '08, 04:24

I am now drinking Tamaryokucha. My first tea was Keemun. I am planning to have matcha this afternoon.

Does tea help prevent illness for me? I don't think so. I never drank tea with a intention to a better health, but having a good cup of tea sure helps to feel optimistic and happy

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Feb 14th, '08, 06:01
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All hail the power of green tea ^_^

by Tsukiko » Feb 14th, '08, 06:01

Tea definitely helps me with illness in both preventing and helping my body heal faster. Whenever I am sick, I turn to tea before anything else to help me feel better and to fight the illness.

A someone what interesting experience I've had concerning healing w/ tea: When I get stressed, I get these painful blisters in my mouth. Usually they took a long time to heal. Since I have started drinking more green tea, the blisters come less frequently and when they do, they are fewer and heal faster. My conclusion is that the tea works 2 ways: it helps with my stress and the antioxidants and others goodies found in green tea take care of the blisters.

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Feb 14th, '08, 07:19
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by FoxMackenzie » Feb 14th, '08, 07:19

Valentine's, of course ;)

Me and my guy are splitting a big ol' mug, mostly cause we're poor and this is the most romantic thing we can afford LOL!


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Feb 14th, '08, 07:22
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by Selaphiel » Feb 14th, '08, 07:22

Green tea all the way over here, Guricha to be more exact. Tried a leaf:water ratio from Chip and it turned out excellent.

Today I have the day off, been really busy the last 3 days and havent had much time to brew quality tea. So today I`m gonna drink ungodly amounts of it.


When it comes to tea and health I think tea is first and foremost somethings that helps your immune system in the long run and not some instant curse medicine like drink. There are reports that indicate that green tea can make it harder for viruses to attack our cells, and it has vitamins B and E + lots of anti-oxidants. In Matcha you find a significant amount of chlorophyll which can bind certain toxins and heavy metals in your body and flush them out.
Green tea is also good your teeth, since it contains fluoride.
However, it is no miracle drink and good health effects in the long term should just be viewed as a positive side effect of a very tasty beverage in my opinion :)

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Feb 14th, '08, 08:39
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by CynTEAa » Feb 14th, '08, 08:39

Hope you are feeling better, Chip!

Winter is tough and not my favorite time of year. Tea certainly helps both attitude and health-wise. I firmly believe this to be true based on my own experience, but I drink it primarily for the enjoyment!

This morning I've started with my usual Yunnan Gold but have decided to brew some rooibos (just plain) as some winter cootie is trying to get a grip on me. Ah, well!

Happy Valentine's everyone! :D

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Feb 14th, '08, 09:01
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by Warden Andy » Feb 14th, '08, 09:01

I should have a waited a little longer before clicking this thread. I had to vote yerba mate.

Rosamonte especial seleccion, 2/3 leaf in a gourd and almost all the leaf got wet in the first infusion. Strong but not overly bitter. Just too much caffeine.

Feb 14th, '08, 09:10
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by Scarlet Glow » Feb 14th, '08, 09:10

Well, it's 9am right now and I'm sipping on a fresh cup of sencha. I'm bottling another two more steeps worth to take with me to philosophy class at 10am. Philosophy and tea... sounds good together. :wink:

I will probably break out my Valentine's tea when I get back home today.

Chip - Yeah, this winter has been harsh. I had tosilitis about two weeks ago and a warm cup of tea really helped my scratchy throat.

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Feb 14th, '08, 09:47
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by omegapd » Feb 14th, '08, 09:47

YEAH TEA! wrote: Rosamonte especial seleccion, 2/3 leaf in a gourd and almost all the leaf got wet in the first infusion. Strong but not overly bitter. Just too much caffeine.

I have some of that coming to try. I hope it'll be here tomorrow.

As of right now, I just finished a mug of Pai Mu Tan white tea. Not bad- has a flavor more along the lines of black tea than green tea...which is good for me.


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Feb 14th, '08, 09:55
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by Victoria » Feb 14th, '08, 09:55

Here I am! The oolong contingent checking in. Oy, the lone oolong on the poll so far!

In my cup this morning 2008 A-Li-Shan "Winter Petals" Soft-stem Oolong. Yay! My Hou De order has arrived!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Feb 14th, '08, 09:56
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...grumble...valentine's day...

by cloudyday » Feb 14th, '08, 09:56

Right now, drinking Golden Pu-erh. Kinda looks like Yunnan Gold...and kinda tastes like it too, but very much pu-erh at the same time. Very nice.

As for preventing (or even aiding in healing) sickness, I cannot say. I can often be pretty oblivious to the corelations of what I ingest and its physical results on my body, but I've rarely gotten sick this season, soooo....I dunno.

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Feb 14th, '08, 10:50
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by xine » Feb 14th, '08, 10:50

Just some Golden Monkey for now...I'm trying to clean house so I'm going to attack some half empty samplers of flavored white tea later on today. Daddy's taking me out for lunch. :D

happy v-day! oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Feb 14th, '08, 10:50
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by Buzz Fledderjohn » Feb 14th, '08, 10:50

Right now I'm working on a mug of Assam Khongea FTGFOP1. Later on, probably some Miyabi and much later on some Houji-Kukicha from Den's that I got yesterday.

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Feb 14th, '08, 11:07
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by daughteroftheKing » Feb 14th, '08, 11:07

Right this very moment it's a flavored Pai Mu Tan (has a little mango, mangosteen, and they even blend a little sencha with it). Not my favorite, but good enough to eventually finish off
Started the day with a nice China green - the label is totally non-specific other than that.

When I'm not feeling so great, my tea has to be something gentle, totally non-grassy tasting, probably an easy oolong. And if I'm so sick that I'm at home, i.e. need to sleep, I grab an herbal like chamomile or mint.

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Feb 14th, '08, 11:27
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by Space Samurai » Feb 14th, '08, 11:27

Its a matcha Morning.

2 bowls of Kinrin from matcha source, and one each of Nakai's, Miyabi, and Chiyo Mukashi.

I'm liking the Chiyo Mukashi less and less, its just so astringent. The Nakai's is my current favorite in my stash, and the Miyabi and Kinrin are both quite nice, but milder.

At this point on mornings like this, drinking matcha is more about the learning experience than enjoyment. It was an accident that I ended up with this much matcha at one time, and I can't resist the chance to compare them side by side. But having four open containers means I have to finish them quickly. Rapid fire drinking isn's as enjoyable as sitting back with just one and having a few bowls before work.