Valentine's TeaDay, Thursday 2/14/08

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

You MUST be drinking a tea to answer this poll, what TEA are you drinking RIGHT NOW?

Flavored Tea
Yerba Maté
Total votes: 47

Feb 14th, '08, 17:57
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by RNteajunkie » Feb 14th, '08, 17:57

citron green yeah!

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Feb 14th, '08, 17:57
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by Cinnamon Kitty » Feb 14th, '08, 17:57

Chip wrote:Round 2, Ding Gu Da Fang, my new fav Chinese green tea. It is a Long Jing look alike and a little more robust...and a lot cheaper than most Long Jing. I recommend this to anyone thinking of trying green tea.
That sounds pretty good actually. Where is it from?

Though earlier when I checked the poll, I was drinking sencha, now I am drinking Vanilla Rooibos since I packed up my infuser basket and a good collection of teas to go home tomorrow. I had a mug of Valentine's to celebrate the day between the two other teas. From now on, I will be alternating between Foxtrot and Vanilla Rooibos until I sleep. Yay for loose tea filters!

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Feb 14th, '08, 18:17
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by Chip » Feb 14th, '08, 18:17

CinnamonKitty, The tea is from TeaSpring.

Green tea is romping this Poll!!!

I will be moving onto a sencha soon.

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Feb 14th, '08, 18:37
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by Victoria » Feb 14th, '08, 18:37

Chip wrote: Green tea is romping this Poll!!!
I demand a recount!! I have had 3 different oolongs today, and I think I saw a hanging chad!

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Feb 14th, '08, 18:42
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by Eastree » Feb 14th, '08, 18:42

Victoria's Own wrote:I think I saw a hanging chad!
Dang, d00d, what'd Chad do to deserve that?!

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Feb 14th, '08, 19:04
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by jogrebe » Feb 14th, '08, 19:04

Chip wrote:One other health tid bit for me is I used to have severe acid reflux. I had avoided getting on the med train because I feared never getting off of it. I happened to start drinking tea a short time later and since I drink green tea, it is gone, no symptoms or occurances. Again, my own brand of logic tells me tea had something to do with this...but I draw no conclusions.
Makes sense but I'd call that a lifestyle change. What were you drinking before you switched to tea? If it was something like soda, it might be simply no soda instead of adding tea that made the difference.

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Feb 14th, '08, 20:09
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by Eastree » Feb 14th, '08, 20:09

someone in another forum wrote:I like the way you set this up!!!! If you want to vote, vote... if you want to post, post.... and if you don't want to do either.... DONT.....
I voted and I am not posting what I voted on.... that my business......
QFT! That's what I did! xD

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Feb 14th, '08, 21:48
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by zipp » Feb 14th, '08, 21:48

Drinking nothing right now..

But I have to believe that a tisane (rose hips) has helped me with a cold. Seemed that downing that slightly bitter brew shortened what typically is a 7 day sniffle to 4 or 5 days. Or maybe it was just that kind of virus and the rose hips did nothing....

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Feb 14th, '08, 21:58
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by tenuki » Feb 14th, '08, 21:58

2007 winter Li Shan from Hou De - lame, i'm starting to think the 2007 winter Gao Shan harvest sucked.
Baozhong from floating leaves - 2nd place - amazing stuff, wow.
Alishan from teahome - yummy

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Feb 14th, '08, 22:02
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by Ladytiger » Feb 14th, '08, 22:02

Well, I did have any more tea, but might to settling for some foxtrot or peppermint once the parents and the sister go to bed. All three of them have given me a headach and have gotten me upset in the past six hours. Okay, I think I'm going to do Foxtrot.

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Feb 14th, '08, 23:17
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by bambooforest » Feb 14th, '08, 23:17

I do subscribe to the notion that tea helps prevent things such as colds. Daily tea acts as a preventive measure in my book. Of course, a healthy diet combined with tea would be the ideal, and have the most benefits.

I am fortunate that I have been sick very seldomly. I attribute this partly to my consistent tea consumption. And, I think when one is in the very beginning stages of a cold, tea can be very helpful. I know of some who have claimed it prevented them from actually getting a full on cold, when consumed copiously at the very beginning stages of a cold.

While in the midst of a cold, I still think tea can help.

Tea tastes good, and is good for you. I'll drink to that.

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Feb 14th, '08, 23:29
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by fencerdenoctum » Feb 14th, '08, 23:29

Drinking Green Anji here. It doesn't impress me, but it sure hit the spot.

Happy Valentines Day

The Tea Sipping Swordsman,

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Feb 15th, '08, 00:25
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by Chip » Feb 15th, '08, 00:25

Finishing the TeaDay with Kabuse Cha. If you have the opportunity to try a Kabuse from Uji prefecture, I say go for it. This one is sold out.

jogrebe, I wasn't drinking soda prior to drinking tea. But drinking tea did increase my fluid intake. Like I sain, no conclusions, but my eyes are wide open.

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Feb 15th, '08, 02:26
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by Space Samurai » Feb 15th, '08, 02:26

I'm finished the day with another round of that '82 bao zhong and some fukamshicha maki.

I have moderate faith in tea's "health benefits." I haven't had a cold in about two years, but I can tell you for certain that tea, in and of itself, does not help you loose weight.

Mostly what I am skeptical about is the idea of tea as a pharmacy. Traditional Medicinals comes to mind. I think tea has an overall effect on health, but I do not think you can drink a few cups of some herbal junk to target a specific problem.