Earl grey lavender

Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

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Jan 27th, '08, 11:38
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Earl grey lavender

by JoCo » Jan 27th, '08, 11:38

The flavors pair beautifully. I would buy a wheelbarrow full of earl grey lavender if Adagio made it ;)

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Feb 2nd, '08, 08:25
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by FoxMackenzie » Feb 2nd, '08, 08:25

Oooh...*so* with you on that one. I'd buy a big tin if they made that!


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Feb 15th, '08, 10:54
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by Aphroditea » Feb 15th, '08, 10:54

Agreed! I had a cup of what was called French Tea that was a black tea with lavendar and rose and cream (I think). I was mighty tasty!

I was shocked - as I thought it might taste like warm soap - but I found it to be a very pleasant cup of tea.

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