Sideritis, Mountain Tea

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Nov 11th 15 6:19 pm
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Sideritis, Mountain Tea

by mountainsea » Nov 11th 15 6:19 pm

Hello all tea lovers

I am pregnant and unfortunately I've also had a pretty persistent killer cold for a couple of weeks. The only thing that really helps is Sideritis (mountain tea). My doctor just says he doesn't know the plant and won't give any advice. I drink maybe 1-3 cups a day but try and drink Rooibos and mint tea now instead as much as I can. But it just isn't the same. The plant is indigenous to southern Europe and som Arabic countries, but I don't speak greek nor Arabic and can't ask people who live there for advice that easily :)

Has anyone here any knowledge about Sideritis being safe or unsafe during pregnancy? The pregnancy was very unexpected (6 weeks only) and I just found out a few days ago and haven't taken any painkillers or any other possibly harmful medication since. I don't even drink my beloved Bai Hai Silver Needle Tea because of the caffeine. Would really hate to give Sideritis up too but will of course if I have to.

Happy to be pregnant - a little unhappy with this evil cold :lol:

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Feb 12th 16 1:50 am
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Re: Sideritis, Mountain Tea

by bagua7 » Feb 12th 16 1:50 am

The root you are asking for, no idea, sorry, I got a TCM clinical book and this herb is not included obviously because it's a Western one.

Why don't you try fresh ginger instead (not dry as this variety should be used with caution during pregnancy). Just boil few slices in fresh water. Don't add any sweeteners except some raw organic honey.

More dietary advice here.

Good luck!