Sunday, 2/17/08, AKA TeaDay

BYOT! Enter TeaChat here, you never know what you may find!

What tea do you want to try next?

Japanese Green
Chinese Green
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Black from a country I have not tried
A special flavored tea I have been watching
Yerba Maté
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An herbal I have wanted to try
Other...(I can't name them all :)
Late entry...Yellow Tea
Total votes: 51

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Feb 17th, '08, 13:08
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by RussianSoul » Feb 17th, '08, 13:08

I had Adagio's Irish Breakfast this morning - it is very good. From the three Irish Breakfasts I tried from different vendors this one is the best.

Later I am going to a club get-together and I am taking Valentines tea (from Adagio), a tea pot and Madeline cookies as a treat.

I tried Adagio's Jasmine #12 last night and I am disappointed, especially after rave reviews I read and high rating. I am going to post a question about it in the green tea area.

I am into trying things right now. What I want to try most is matcha. Realistically I will try several more samples from Adagio and Den's that are waiting for me at home - Golden Monkey, Silver Needles, Sencha and some others.

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Feb 17th, '08, 13:20
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by Wesli » Feb 17th, '08, 13:20

Morning = guricha + matcha.

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Feb 17th, '08, 13:21
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by Chip » Feb 17th, '08, 13:21

Takumi Sencha from Yame prefecture is in my cup, and it is delicious!!!

I will be moving to my second tea soon...decisions decisions.

I have been trying to thisk what tea would I want to try next...I guess it would have to be one of O-Cha's premo matcha, though the gyokuru he has is stellar as well...but the matcha wins out today. That would be my 1st choice.

All the talk of matcha here on TeaChat is mind boggling. Actually, all the talk about Japanese tea is mind boggling. When I joined TeaChat approaching 2 years ago, sencha was almost a bad word not to be uttered. Wow, things have really changed!!!!!!!!!!

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Feb 17th, '08, 13:31
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by scruffmcgruff » Feb 17th, '08, 13:31

Seriously-- you used to be the only sencha fanatic here, Chip! Things sure have changed. :)

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Feb 17th, '08, 13:42
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by TaiPing Hou Kui » Feb 17th, '08, 13:42

This morning, or early afternoon, I am starting off with some TaiPing Hou Kui.

*Want to try some Pu-Erh and will be able to do do in a few days! I recently placed an order for the following from "":
-Yixing 4oz. Gaiwan
-Yixing Xiao Brown Teacup
-100% Organic Green Kukicha 1.oz
-100% Organic Pu-Erh Velour 1.oz
-100% Organic Pu-Erh Toucha 1.oz

-Happy Steeping!

-Nick (TaiPing)

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Feb 17th, '08, 13:52
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by olivierco » Feb 17th, '08, 13:52

This afternoon I had a Chinese green (Palais des Thés): Xue Ha . I will have Houjicha with dinner in a few minutes and maybe a Dong Ding to end the day.

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Feb 17th, '08, 13:58
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by tenuki » Feb 17th, '08, 13:58

I've tried everything on your list, maybe not in full depth, but at least more than once and with attention to trying quality stuff brewed the right way. :( Still plenty more teas to try, but I'd have to start getting real specific.

So I'll cheat and say that I would like to to to the Pinglin Baozhong contest and try all the teas entered. :D

And in honor of my choice I'm gonna have a gaiwan of 2nd place Baozhong from floating leaves tea.
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Feb 17th, '08, 14:24
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by Pentox » Feb 17th, '08, 14:24

Psh, yellow tea totally deserves to be on that list.

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Feb 17th, '08, 14:32
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by Chip » Feb 17th, '08, 14:32

Pentox wrote:Psh, yellow tea totally deserves to be on that list. be it...

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Feb 17th, '08, 14:34
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by insanitylater » Feb 17th, '08, 14:34

i've been meaning to try some more black teas. the last good kind i had was a lapsang souchong that is sold by tribute tea. if anyone has any recommendations i would love to hear them

so far today

green tea
right now i'm drinking a great rooibos tea (safari sunset) that has cloves, cinnamon, lemon, and orange. the republic of tea sells it

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Feb 17th, '08, 16:19
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by Sam. » Feb 17th, '08, 16:19

I want to try Japanese green next, and luckily my Den's starter kit should arrive sometime this week!

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Feb 17th, '08, 16:56
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by FoxMackenzie » Feb 17th, '08, 16:56

I want to try all the flavored teas adagio offers :-D

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Feb 17th, '08, 16:57
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by daughteroftheKing » Feb 17th, '08, 16:57

Started the day with Orange Blossom Oolong (Chado). Smells like standing in the middle of my grandfather's orange grove when I was a little girl. First steep is a bit strong for me, but with Darjeelings and Oolongs it's usually the flavor of the 2nd steep that I really go for. The orange flavor is really enjoyable in that 2nd steep, but the oolong taste is almost lost in it. Maybe I need to play around with temp and time a bit.

So hard to decide what to try next! I want to try some matcha and sencha. But already being an oolong fan thanks to Adagio, there are a couple of oolongs I want to explore over at TeaSpring and Hou De before moving on.

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Feb 17th, '08, 16:58
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by Victoria » Feb 17th, '08, 16:58

I started my morning with my Adagio custom blend which is essentially Assam and peach oolong. I thought think it is really very good (honestly not trying to promote it here) It's very bold and although I do usually prefer the first steep of most things, I have to say the second steep of this one was so amazingly good. It totally mellowed out, the Assam settled down and the peach oolong bloomed. It was quite lovely, so much so, I poured it into a travel mug to take with me.

Next to try for me is Yellow tea as a matter of fact. I have some coming from TeaCuppa, but this order has been slow to arrive! Then on to pu erh eventually.

Oh!! dotK, yes I just saw your post - That first steep of the Orange Blossom Oolong is brutal, even for me! I'm going for a second steep now. As you can see it's probably an amber oolong and bits and pieces at that.

Hey, MIL - Nice to see you!

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Feb 17th, '08, 17:44
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by Chip » Feb 17th, '08, 17:44

Round 2 Shi Feng Xi Hu Long Jing...a more vegetal LJ, vs the more nutty LJs that seem to be cheaper. It seems that the more expensive ones are more veggie. Most Amewricans would probably prefer the taste of the less expensive LJ. This one os also a little lighter than cheaper ones, againa preference of the Chinese I hear.

So, for us, more expensive is not necessarily better. But the leaf sets of this are absolutely stunning. And I do like it very much. Just not an everyday LJ.